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  1. I often bulk age in kegs rather than bottles. They don't break, there's no light-strike, they're easier to handle, easier to clean, and they do take up less space than bottles. You just want to make sure you purge the oxygen out of the keg before storing for bulk aging. Even if you're naturally carbonating in the keg with a batch prime, it's still recommended that you add a blast of Co2 to seal the cap and purge the O2. I prefer to force carbonate most of my beers because I get better control over the exact carbonation levels than with batch priming. I also get less sediment, which will usually show itself in the first few pours (unless you rack from keg to keg after carbonating/aging).

    Just so I understand; you age in kegs but do not batch prime. Then you force carbonate?

    Thanks Josh.

  2. So the wife is buying me a nice Kegerator. This made me think......why not do 3 LBKs at once and after fermentation dump them into a 5 gal ball lock keg (bottle the remainder)? What do I do from here? Force carbonate? What if it is a beer that needs time for the flavor to even out?

    So I need help. I think I understand force carbonation, but what if I want time for the favors to even out? For instance, let's say I did a recipie like Novacaine and wanted to try this?

    Should I batch prime in the keg for the time it would take to condition. Then just push the beer with CO2? I'm kinda confused here.

    Thanks in advance for anyone that takes the time to help me out. I know I have asked a lot.

    Brew On!

  3. My boss has been brewing a long time and has a nice 5 gal kegging system with multiple 5 gal kegs. One piece of advice he gave me was if I move to kegging, go all out and just do the 5 gal. He told me of a 5 year journey going from a 1.5 gal kegging system all the way up to 5 gal. He had many issues and was not happy until now and he said he wasted hundreds of dollars.

    I am new and do not keg. I am just sharing the opinion of a seasoned brewer.

  4. I was turned off by this sell. It just seems like it is an attempt to sell "about to expire" inventory items. Can you request with a general order to not get supplies that are about to expire? Almost every recipie I order seems to expire in Less that 3 months. Aging HMEs cause darker colors than advertised as stated on these forums before.

    Before I get bashed, I love Mr Beer. This has really been my only concern since I have been a member.

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  5. I bottled this May 29th. The recipie says to ferment at 55 degrees and condition (2 months) at 55 degrees. Which I have done (temp, not time). I went on an RV trip last weekend and threw one of them in the RV fridge. I figured since its been about a month it would taste okay. After 2 days in the fridge it tasted like butt piss. I know I am a month short but I had a bad experience with my first batch and I've made a personal promise to drink everything I brew, no matter what (unless I get an infected brew or something). So I am nervous I'll have to suffer through drinking butt piss again. I have 2 questions:

    1. Has anyone brewed this beer? Did you like it?

    2. After another month in the fermentation chamber @ 55 degrees, can I store them at room temp? Or put them in the fridge? Longer than 2 months in the fermentation chamber is not an option. I have more brewing to do.

    thanks Brewers!

    Brew on!

    By the way, I have 96 16 oz bottles conditioning. And none of them are ready, lol. Guess I'll go but some bud light to hold me over, haha

  6. I doubt it will happen but I wish mr beer would come up with a new tap assembly like on the LX models. I have done everything right and had a couple leaky spigots. Normally during high krausen the leaks stop. I guess trub gets trapped in the gaps. But still, I hate leaky spigots.

  7. 2 of these LBKs are already foaming to the lid 24 hours later! I wonder if I should go from 65 to 61-62 degrees for a couple days.

    They all have a variation of winter dark ale.

    1. WDA

    2. WDA + robust

    3. WDA + robust + booster

    4. WDA + smooth + smooth

    Asking for expert help again...........

    I plan on bottling tomorrow @ 19 days. I am going on a RV trip for 5 days tomorrow. Do you think I will be okay? I am sure the WDA will be fine. I am most worried about 3 and 4.

    I know, I know.......check the gravity. Well I don't wanna! Haha

  8. Thinking about this a little more, if you use a freezer, but you're never going to go to freezing temperatures, seems like you would want to avoid frost free refrigerators since won't have as even temperatures and since they take more energy.

    I was actually worried about the auto defrost when I purchased this. I have caught it in auto defrost a couple times. It lasts for about thirty minutes but the temp never raises more than 1 degree, if that.

    I am not sure how often the auto defrost kicks on.

    The first time the auto defrost kicked on I thought my freezer was broken. Haha.

    Brew On!,!

  9. Share!?!? Man you guys make me feel like ?#%#! I never let a bottle leave my site. I share with people who stop by to visit (family & friends). But maybe I'm too attached. I was thinking about brewing for a gift but I have 6 cases maturing at different times and I can't even keep up with myself.......

  10. Some of the MrB recipes list brown sugar as an ingredient. I was interested in trying the Voodoo recipe. I was grocery shopping and noticed that there is no such thing as brown sugar! Only golden/light brown sugar and dark brown sugar. So then I check the ingredients of both boxes. They both state one ingredient. Brown sugar! Hahahaha.

    So what brown sugar do you use when a recipe calls for it? Does it even matter?

    Brew On!

  11. 2 of these LBKs are already foaming to the lid 24 hours later! I wonder if I should go from 65 to 61-62 degrees for a couple days.

    They all have a variation of winter dark ale.

    1. WDA

    2. WDA + robust

    3. WDA + robust + booster

    4. WDA + smooth + smooth

    So I am past high krausen and I didn't have any blow ups. I did want to share the activity of the high krausen for the newer people as this was the first time i did multi batch.

    #3 was overall the most aggressive and had the longest period of krausen. I thought for sure this one was going to blow. The keg was filled to the brim for 2 days. Even now it is the hardest keg to look into with a flashlight because the sides a lined with dry foam.

    #4 was a close second. I thought this one would be more aggressive (slightly more sugar to eat).

    #1 and #2 where about the same.

    One interesting note is that ALL of them filled to the top during high krausen at different times. The only difference was length of time the LBK was in high krausen. I made all 4 of these beers within 3 hours.

    So what's the point? Absolutely nothing really. Just sharing my observations as I was peeking into the fermenting chamber daily (kind of like how RickBeer does but he won't admit it).

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  12. Really wasn't thinking about clean up after bottling. I was thinking about having to move the LBKs for bottling, those things can get slippery when covered with wort, and if they overflow onto other tanks it just makes it worse. I have a setup somewhat like you and I've had overflow only once, was I ever glad to have had drip pans. Also remember that your fermentation chamber is always humid and if your overflow happens early all that sticky mess will sit a few days or 2 or so weeks this will allow mold to grow so try to wipe it down as good as you can.

    I bottle right where they sit with a bottling wand. I love doing that as there is less trub movement before bottling.

  13. One other thing I might do is put a small cookie sheet under each LBK, just in case of overflow. That would help keep your other LBKs and bottom of fridge clean (just saying if it was me).

    I was actually thinking of doing that. The only reason I didn't is because I thoroughly clean the LBKs after every brew anyways so the trays would just be extra cleaning. As far as the freezer goes, nothing a Clorox wipe (or two) won't fix. Keep in mind this is coming from a rookie so after my first blowup I may change my mind. Hahahaha

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