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  1. I bought one a while ago and never used it. I do not plan on using it anytime soon. I am sure I will use it in the future but Im still working on perfecting my process. As long as I make awesome beer without it, why bother for now. I have also read that even if your beer is done in 14 days, sitting on the trub for another 7 days won't effect it much. It's totally up to you.
  2. I didn't turn it down. Still at 65. I hopefully it just foams over and doesn't blow a lid. Brew On!
  3. 2 of these LBKs are already foaming to the lid 24 hours later! I wonder if I should go from 65 to 61-62 degrees for a couple days. They all have a variation of winter dark ale. 1. WDA 2. WDA + robust 3. WDA + robust + booster 4. WDA + smooth + smooth
  4. I don't think the uneven LBK is causing it. I was just surprised that the new ones were uneven. My old one just seems like it was put together evenly. I am not worried about the equipment getting replaced. Mr Beer has excellent customer service. I am sure they will send a new one. I'm just worried I'll lose my brew. Thanks guys!
  5. Crap. I actually meant to that. Rick mentioned that in another post. Thanks for the reminder!
  6. This is what I mean about leaking from the top. Thanks.
  7. I wasn't too happy with the quality of the 3 LBKs I recieved recently. Where the spigot hole is (where the 2 halves of the LBKs are sealed) the two halves are clearly not even close to being even. 2/3 spigots are leaking. And yes I did my leak test before hand. They are slow leaks and none of them are leaking from the seal. They are not over tightened and installed correctly. They seem to be leaking internally and leaking from the top of the spigot. Any tricks on sealing these? I have 20 days to go and I'm worried I won't have much beer left. I may have to throw one batch out. I can't keep up with the mess. Thanks!
  8. I did all of these today. It was more work than I thought. From now on I will stagger them. Brew On!!!
  9. Same here. I haven't tried one. I had a sip on bottling day and it tasted good then so I'm not worried one bit.
  10. Status update please! (You have silent followers.....) Haha Any overflow yet? How long are you going to condition this beer?
  11. Don't let this intimidate you. I was shocked how cheap it was to buy a freezer and a temp controller. The freezer I bought for my fermentation chamber was $75; the one I bought a year ago (for food) I only paid $50. Search local classifieds or CraigsList. The bigger problem for me was convincing my wife that we "needed" a fermentation chamber, hahaha. The temp controller I bought was $70 new, but I am sure you could find a used one for much less. With all that said: You definitely do not "need" to do this to make great beer. I swapped ice packs in my laundry room sink twice a day for 2 brews and they came out great! I am just lazy........ Brew On!!!
  12. Friday I am doing 4 batches one after another (all on the same day). All of them use the standard Mr Beer yeast and they all have WDA as the main HME. Any concerns here I should be worried about? I plan on just throwing the probe on a lower shelf LBK and set A419 to 65 degrees. Brew On!!!
  13. On the third stream cast, didn't josh say it's okay to steep with the LMEs so that the hops have something to interact with and attach to? He said never boil the HMEs.
  14. With the new website, I cannot find this chart anymore. Can someone please post a copy of it?
  15. Cool. I am going to do this with caribou slobber in the future.
  16. I always have stuff floating on top of my wort after 3 weeks. I wouldn't worry about it. Just bottle it and drink it in a couple months. My only suggestion would be to lower your fermentation temperature. I'm sure you spiked over 80 degrees during high krausen. Brew On!!!
  17. I have read a little about this here and there but search results are not turning up much. So how do you do this with 2 LBKs? What techniques do you use to separate the wort into 2 LBKs? I have time to research this as I have a couple other brews I want to do before this one. Thanks!
  18. Nice setup Rick. Thanks for your time and reply. I'll find a way to tilt them more.
  19. You can't tell by the pic but it's a little more that 2 CD cases high. Go higher Rick?
  20. That little lip on the front of the shelves is perfect for propping the LBK(s).
  21. Here is pic of how I attach the probe. The probe is touching the side of the LBK. The coils are not in the shelves. I assume they are in the back, maybe even the sidewalks (they get cold).
  22. I just finished drinking this and it was awesome. I kept it at around 65 degrees to ferment. The directions said 68-76. So why does this work? I want to make sure 65 is a good number.......and for good reason: I'm doing 4 LBKs all at once this time and they will all be using winter ale with the basic MB yeast. (Slight variations between the 4 LBKs). Also, if I do 2 LBKs per shelf, should I use the top 2 shelves or the bottom 2 shelves? Or does it matter? I am worrying about different temperature variations at different shelf levels since this is stand up freezer. I hoping you tell me the temp differences will be negligible. Thanks.
  23. It's not a big deal but why did they take down the winter ale deluxe when they launched the new site? They kept all the others besides this one. I ordered it last night by just ordering the robust and Winter Dark Ale HME separately.
  24. I know this a real crazy idea, but what about corking with steel twine?
  25. What was it like? Still good? Just flat?
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