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  1. What bottles can I use to bottle condition a bigger volume of beer? Right now I use 16oz bottles. Was hoping for something bigger (less bottle maintenance since I drink at least 2 a session).
  2. Is it okay to carbonate/condition in this bottle? It is just a screw lid? http://www.mrbeer.com/accessories/32oz-mini-growler
  3. I bought a hydrometer but never use it for this exact reason. I will start using it on 5 gallon batches.
  4. Okay then........I'll throw two of these bad boys into my next 2 pots of boiling water! I bought a second LBK! I will be doing the Difibrillator and also the winter ale (#%!$ing awesome beer) strait up again. My first double brew starts the end of this month. Right now I'm brewing the 2014 spring dopplebock. I'm just not that excited about it but it was a gift. But since I love beer so much I'm sure it will be amazing. I'm just not crazy about the 50's fermenting/conditioning temps. Lucky for me my mini fridge is exactly 53 degrees at the minimum temp so I can condition there. I only have 1 fermenting chamber. Extra yeast! Yay! Brew On!!!
  5. I am positive I have seen you around as I have been to all of those places multiple times. Welcome to Mr Beer. It will be our honor to make sure you craft that perfect beer! But most importantly........Thank you for your service Sir! Brew on!!!
  6. Sir, May I ask what you do in Minot, ND? I am sure you are retired but do you have any affiliation with the base? I was stationed at Minot AFB from 1998-2004, and again from 2006-2010. You look very familiar.
  7. So I can use these these extra ones to just throw into my boiling water? This will help the yeast that I pitch after making the wort and pouring into the LBK?
  8. So like Julian Calendar for the first three digits (1-365) then 2 digit year. And I'm sure this is the date they were "bagged." Why do people keep these extra yeast packets? I have 3 extras. Reseeding a lagging fermentation? Every can you buy comes with yeast. I'm thinking about just tossing them.
  9. Are these expiration dates in MM/DD/YY? Thanks!
  10. Oh wow. Cool idea. I never heard that one. Mail me a bottle of novacaine and I'll mail you a bottle on mine! Kidding.
  11. It's the MB 2014 seasonal spring lager. It says true lager in description. I have plenty of trub. But you know us new Brewers Rick. The bigger the krausen, the bigger the chub. Admit it Rick. There had to be a time when you peeked at your LBK every hour and got excited with heavy krausen! Hahaha
  12. New rule: if you start a bottle bomb thread, you must post a picture of it! That way we can see the awesome carnage of spewed glass and beer everywhere! Yay! Bonus man points if you can get a snapshot of your wife's face when she sees the curtains, ceilings, cabinets, etc.
  13. That's a nice label Slyn2none! All I use are little sticky labels from an office supply store. Just print, peel, and stick. These are also super easy to get off. They practically dissolve in hot water after 30 sec.
  14. They must have liked my awesome CAL label. Hahaha
  15. Okay. I what I have been doing is mixing like crazy with a whisk then pitching the yeast right away. My last brew I waited thirty mine before pitching and did not aerate then. I am 5 days into it a no krausen. Well very little. And no bubbles. This is a lager. Is this normal for a lager?
  16. Is Mr Beer trying to make me feel good by showing a post I made on the homepage? Or does everyone see a post they made on the Mr Beer homepage towards the bottom? Haha Brew On!
  17. Wait......I keep hearing that people stir their yeast when they add it. What gives? The Mr B directions explicitly state to not stir the yeast. Should I be doing this?
  18. This has been on my radar for a long time and I plan on doing it next. I was thinking of doing 2 LBKs of this and 2 of a second brew TBD. I need to increase production. I drink too fast! Brew On!
  19. I bottled mine last Saturday night. I plan on opening my first bottle on Christmas as well. Hopefully your still around by then! I'll be looking for you to compare. Just so you know I did mine strait up per Mr Beer direction. With the exception that that I only dry hopped during week 2. Pulled after 2nd week and fermented for a third week. Brew on!!!
  20. I read the link. Good read. So at about 3 weeks raise the temp in my fermentation chamber to 66 for a couple days? It is currently 53-55. (The yeast I'm using is happy 51-59).
  21. I am a weird beer drinker. Before I started brewing my favorite beers were (and still are) bud light, Guinness Draught, and any Belgium triple ale beer. The problem I have is that I like BEER, any style. If I am going to take the time to brew, I doubt I will ever brew anything under 5% ABV. Like you mentioned, if I ever do CAL again I will be adding something.
  22. Well hell........I just used one drop per 16 oz bottle for my Novacaine. I guess we will see how it turns out.
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