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  1. Even for a lager? DR? I am just asking because I'm doing the 2014 spring dopplebock right now. 5 days in at 54 degrees.
  2. I bottled my Novacaine about 5 days ago and fermented it for exactly 3 weeks, then 3 more days for crashing. I tasted it and it tasted great. It was very dark. Like you, I have faith that 3 weeks was enough. I didn't do any swinging temperature on any of my brews yet but I am still learning. Is the basic rule here to just first 1-6 days, ferment at lower range of the yeast, then 7-21 days ferment ant the upper range?
  3. I almost feel like this is spam because there is no useful information in this post but I can't help it. I just tried my second batch after 35 days conditioning. It was the winter dark ale. It was absolutely #%*#ing amazing. I only refridgerated it for one day. I planned on this weekend but couldn't wait. I was shocked as this was just the basic winter ale recipie, strait up. My first brew was CAL. I finished drinking (with pride BTW) this cidery beer last week. I didn't monitor temperature. Typical rookie mistake. I still can't believe how good the winter dark ale is. All I did differently was fermented at 64-66 degrees. I made beer! Yay! Brew on!!
  4. Wow. Thanks everyone. This was a very informational post. Either way, from reading your responses I think my dopplebock will be great.
  5. I was actually thinking about cooling my wort in the sink as you suggested. But it didn't feel right having my wort sit there for 30 minutes for aliens (is this what you pro Brewers call gnats or fruit flies?) to have the opportunity to join the party. I was still going to do it but I didn't plan ahead and sanitize a lid for my pan.Anyone feeling like sharing the exact process to do this? Next time I will just sanitize the lid, put the lid on the wort, and set in the sink with ice. How long would that take?
  6. I have read that good sanitation is required to delay pitching. Why is this? If sanitation is subpar will the yeast eat bad bacteria or something when you pitch right away?
  7. I started the 2014 spring seasonal dopplebock today. I used refridgerated water when pouring the wort into the LBK. When It was all done my wort temp was 65 degrees. Here is my question. Is it Okay to pitch the yeast an hour or so after? The S-23 yeast is happy between 51-59 degrees. I ended up pitching like 30 min later when it was 62 degrees in my fermentation chamber. It was at 59 degrees 30 min later. In the future can I just wait until it's at 54 degrees and pitch. I have no idea how long it takes wort to start oxidizing. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I bottled today after my first cold crash. I expected to see trub with the consistency of jello on the bottom. It was more like pudding, lol. I tasted some and I was really good. I could probably drink it now and be satisfied. It's a very dark, heavy beer. I guess I'll let you know in Feburary 2016 if it worked out! This is the batch were I dropped some of the label in the wort! http://community.mrbeer.com/topic/33491-label-fell-off-in-wort-f/?hl=%2Blabel+%2Bin+%2Bwort
  9. I bottled today. After cold crash I expected to see a firm trub (like jello). It was thicker but still some trub in the last bottle. It was more like pudding, lol. I tried some also. It was very good. I can't wait to try in February 2016, hahaha
  10. Is there any reason why you couldn't use the transparent green hard cider LBK to brew beer? I would use a clear one if they made it. I know the brown blocks light but I use a chamber anyways. http://www.mrbeer.com/mrbeer-archers-orchard-hard-cider-kit Jeff
  11. Is this true? I just finished drinking my first batch of cidery CAL. About 4-5 bottles were not as carbonated as the rest of the batch. I was suspecting my swing top bottles. BTW. How often should I replace the seals on swing top bottles?
  12. Conditioning will always be an issue for me. I move every two years and I've been stationed everywhere from Minot, ND (winter 7 months a year) to California. Here in CA my condoning temp is a solid 70 degrees anywhere in the house. I am moving next year to Nebraska or Louisiana. Extreme differences in room temperature, hahaha.
  13. I doubt ice will ever form if the coldest I will be running it at is 37 degrees for cold crashing. By the way, I'm from Apollo, PA. About 45 minutes from Pittsburgh. Go Steelers!
  14. There is only one thing I like better than "making beer easier,"............drinking it!
  15. PA brewer......where in PA are you from? I am from PA. Just curious.
  16. Dang I wish this was near me. Do they do this at different locations or just periodically in AZ?
  17. Let me clarify.......... The tube is closed off. The lid is sealed the same way it is now, but a 1/4 inch tube of the same plastic material extends down into the wort and sealed off at the bottom. You can then put a temp probe in the tube to get accurate wort temp without ever touching the wort. Things would never leave or enter the wort. Sorry for the vague initial post.
  18. I am still learning so please feel free to criticize this idea due to my lack of knowledge. Why doesn't Mr Beer make a lid that has a hollow cone going down into the wort? People can just throw their probe down into the wort to get accurate readings. Wouldn't this also be perfect for fermentation chambers? What do you think?
  19. I am doing the 2014 dopplebock spring seasonal next. I was planning on just fermenting at 55, bottle at 55, and lager at 55 for 2 months until I read this. So now I have a few questions: Should I put my LBK into the fermentation chamber and wait until the wort is exactly 55 before pitching yeast? Will DR be necessary if I pitch at 55? Does this sound like a good plan: Ferment at 55 for 3 weeks DL days 22-23 at 63 degrees in fermenter Bottle day 24 at 63 degrees Lager for 2 months at 55 Thanks guys!
  20. The timer runs every time the compressor kick on. Since the compressor is rarely on throughout the day, I would assume it will only go into defrost mode once every 1-2 weeks. I am not worried about about it. The temp in freezer raises about 1 degree per hour. So when this happens my temp might rise 1 degree above my cut in temp. I'm fine with that.
  21. So Brewing Guru: are you saying that when defrost kicks on, the heaters will not come on ( because I'm running at 66 degrees right now)? It will just cause a 20-30 minute delay before the compressor starts? After reading all day on this subject; auto defrost works in so many different ways with different freezers. Some are time dependent. Some are temp dependent. After my experience, I am sure mine is time dependent. I just don't know how long the defrost mode will stay on. I feel like I need to babysit the freezer! Lol I'm drunk.....so I don't mind...........brew on....
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