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  1. After doing research, it is definitely the defrost timer. The problem is I do not know the effects. I am hoping that the defrost only runs for 30 min or so after 24 hours of operation. BrewingGuru: I am going to catch the A419 during an "on" cycle and set a timer after setting it to defrost. I am thinking the effects will be minimal. This freezer stays at 66 degrees for an hour before the temp controller turns it on. I am happy that I can hold a temp +- 3 degrees at this point. Swapping ice sucks ass.
  2. The picture need to be rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. Sorry about that.
  3. My freezer stopped working today. Already! Anyways, I turned this knob on the back of the freezer and it started working. Anyone know what this knob does? The knob is on that white piece of equipment on the upper left.
  4. So I have been saving these St Sebastian bottles (I took the labels off) because they looked cool. Now that I started brewing, I'm going to use them! I think they add a nice look. I sanitized and cleaned them. On the grey/blue bottle, with a flashlight inspecting, I can see a bright blue spot about the size of a pea on the bottom. I scrubbed the hell out of it but it is still there. I think some of the finish may have come off at some point and this is the color of the ceramic. Do you think it is safe to use this bottle? On a side note.......where can you find these bottles? They are 16 ounce (1 pint) bottles that st Sebastian uses. They cost like 9-13 dollars a bottle. I regret throwing away a lot of these in the past now that I'm brewing. Brew on!
  5. I actually had time to set this up today. This is awesome! I figured I'd finish my Novacaine in it. I put the set point to 67. Differential 1. ASD set to 12. Everytime I check it I its between 65-67. That's good enough for me. The compressor cycles every 40 minutes. I took everyones advice and taped the probe to the LBK, then I put a wad of paper towels over it and taped that on. I am also using a digital thermometer just to check the air in the freezer. The air temp swings from 58-63 but my wort stays tight around 66. So on Sunday I am going to cold crash for three days. What temp is the average fridge? I guess I'll set my A419 to 45 degrees or something like that? Brew on!
  6. This the box I got from last Xmas. I don't see a date on it but I sure my CaL expired years ago, lol. I wish I woulda checked.
  7. Why in step 2 is he pouring sanitizer in his wort? I wouldn't recommend that. Maybe it's a booster.........
  8. I found my Mr Beer box today and came across these instructions. Why can't I stop laughing? They could have at least put an asterisk with small print at the bottom. Hahaha. My favorite is step 4.
  9. I am going to set this up on Tuesday. I will start fermenting the 2014 spring dopplebock once I get get my setup to stabilize at 50 degrees. Anyone want to give me a baseline for setting this up at 50 degrees? I know everyone's set up is different but I would love to hear from people using an A419. Just from reading the manual I am thinking: Cooling(cut in mode) Set point: 50 Differential: 1 ASD: 12 SF: set to shut equipment down OFS: do I need to worry about this setting? Set to off? What settings do you use? I am interested to hear from A419 users that use a freezer. Thanks!
  10. Maybe it's time to go for some glass bottles. How many times have you bottled with the bottles not standing up? I couldn't even imagine that.
  11. Has anyone legitly ever had and infected brew? What does it look like? How did you know?
  12. I'm drinking cidery CaL right now. I knew after week 1 of fermentating it would get this taste before I even bottled my first batch from reading on here about it. I just set it out at room temperature to ferment at 69-70 (I prolly hit 80 degrees). Since I was expecting it I'm looking forward to my next brew where I did it right (kept temp to 62-65). I am proud to drink my cidery first batch. I made it! Making beer is dope! I am going to drink anything I bottle! Brew on!
  13. Thanks guys. I think I will set it to 10. I'm hoping the compressor wouldn't come before that anyways because I have it indoors. I only need it for a 5 degree drop. Unless I'm doing lagers or cold crashing. By the way......I just found the like button! Hahaha
  14. So I bought the Johnson A419 controller and a Fridgidaire Commercial stand up freezer (14 cubic feet), model FFU14FC4CW8. After doing much reading I have heard of people's compressors dying from too much on and off. I found the manual for this freezer but I cannot find anywhere where it lists the "anti short cycle". To be safe, what should I set the anti-cycle delay time to? I can set it from 1-12 minutes. I was thinking 10-12? The temp outside the freezer is only 68-70 as it is inside my house. Should I put the probe in a small bucket of water inside the freezer? I read that somewhere. I don't want it in the wort. Maybe tape it to the side of fermenter? What setting should I keep the freezer at? Or does it even matter? I know the controller will turn the freezer on/off but wasn't sure if it would be easier on the compressor to have the freezer set to low or high or somewhere in between. Im so happy I won't have to swap ice packs anymore!!!!!
  15. I see ghosts. Thanks for the input guys.
  16. What would you make of a beer that looked like this? I'm taking about the bubbles/head. This is from an unfiltered Belgium beer. The beer was great! It was Piraat. Picture was taken 10 minutes after pour and about halfway through the glass. The grouping of carbonation is what I'm talking about.
  17. I got it on craigslist for $50! 14 cubic feet!
  18. I bought this today. Frigidaair commercial freezer standup freezer. Hopefully it works out. I'm sure it will.
  19. Are you saying that just for accessibility? Why not a deep freezer chest? Thanks.
  20. I have a temp controller. What's better for a fermentation chamber? Freezer or Refridgerator? My gut tells me it doesn't matter but I figured I'd ask people who have done this before. Thanks!
  21. I guess the real issue here is why was your LBK sitting idle!
  22. So one thing I didn't realize. The directions say to drop in hops after 1 week of fermentation. This recipe is probably designed to dry hop for the last week. Since I am fermentating for 3 weeks, should I pull the hops next week or leave them in for the 2 weeks plus the cold crash?
  23. I threw the hops this morning. I boiled 3 marbles, a pair of scissors, and the sack. Then I poured a little of the boiled water on a plate. Cut open hops and poured all 4 hops packets in with the 3 marbles, tied, cut excess, set into LBK quickly. I think I over did it with three marbles (one was a shooter). Sack sunk like a rock.
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