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  1. So what are you taking a chance on? Making beer? How much did you buy the LBKs for?
  2. Hahaha. I'm going to cold crash the novacaine. I'll let you all know how it turns out around Chirstmas. /now leaves lawn....
  3. I'm glad you brought up cold crashing Rickbeer. I have read your link on cold crashing plus many other posts on the subject. I just want to be clear that I am not trying to start a debate here. I have just one question. Wether you cold crash or not, will your beer have the same clarity in the end? Because really everyone cold crashes when they put their bottles in the fridge for 3 days before consumption. Or did I miss something in my readings? Once again, I know it is a preference. I have been nervous about asking this question for a while because people seem to get passionate about this subject.
  4. I normally sing to my LBK every night so my yeast don't get too stressed out.
  5. I read somewhere that some brewers don't even use the sacks. They just throw the hops in. Any advantage/disadvantage to doing this ?
  6. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the wealth of information!
  7. From Pittsburgh, PA. I currently am in the Air Force stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA.
  8. I take any can of HME and throw in 1 or 2 more cans of the same HME into my wort and follow the Mr Beer directions? Will my yeast be over powered? Can it work using different yeast? What are the effects of this on the taste of the beer? How would the taste differ? I know the ABV would be higher with more sugar. I am not trying to this. I am just trying to learn what this affect would do.
  9. So I read here: http://community.mrbeer.com/topic/32829-mr-beer-brewing-with-hops-instructions/?hl=%2Badding+%2Bhops To drop the hops sack into boiling water, then add the hops, then throw into the LBK. This is what I'm going to do Sunday unless some Pros tell me differently.
  10. The directions tell me to add the hops after 1 week of fermentation.
  11. First time adding hops here. Directions say "place the contents of all the hops packets into the sanitized hop sack tying it closed, then trim away excess material." So add all 4? Wasn't sure if all hops were intended for recipe. Recipe came with extra materials (yeast, etc). Is the bag already sanitized? It came in an open bag. How do I sanitize a bag? Why cut away excess material? Anything else I need to know before tossing in my first hops? Thanks!
  12. Isn't the OP just referring to LBK haze from the temperature differences when adding the wort? I am a greenhorn brewer so I may be wrong but this happened in my first brew so I looked on here and it was mentioned. Thoughts from Pros?
  13. I couldn't believe the label fell in the wort. This is only my third batch but before I even made my first I read these forums for 2 weeks strait. I never read: "Make sure your labels do not fall in your wort!" Hahahaha
  14. Why mark the cans with a marker? All three go into the wort. I did not sanitize the cans. They were just in my sink soaking in hot water from the tap. Then I just poured them in to previously boiled water. I turn the heat off before pouring the cans, like Mr Beer says to do it.. Thanks again Rick!
  15. So I was excited to start the Novacaine receipe today. I am VERY clean and sanitary in my process. I had everything ready to start my wort. I opened my first can of HME and dumped it into the hot water. Right when the can was empty a third of the label fell off into to wort (from presoaking them in hot water for 15 min)! As soon as it hit I tried to get most of the label out (it broke into little pieces quickly). I then I quickly sanitized a mini strainer and got all I could see out of it. Then I added the other 2 cans of HME and the LME and whisked it up real good. Then I put the mini strainer over my LBK and poured the wort from the pan through the strainer, into the LBK. So exactly how screwed am I? This just really blows because I will have to wait 6-12 months to see if I have crappy beer. This was an expensive error my part. New Brewers beware of your labels!
  16. It might turn out to be the best beer ever! Keep us updated!
  17. Probably haze and the wort is not separated at all.
  18. I just bottled my first batch a couple days ago and used carb drops. They dissolve super fast. A couple hours later I went to box the bottles and I gently upended one. The drops had already dissolved. I saw a "haze" (melted sugar) fall towards the cap. When I saw this, I gently rotated the entire box (didn't shake) with all of the bottles in it.
  19. The temp today went up to 68 degrees. I put in more ice than normal into my sink to bring the temp down a bit. What are the negative effects of chilling to low to like 50 degrees. I don't think this will happen but would the yeast just go dormant until the temp rose again? Any negatives from this. My wife is freaking out because I told her I'm looking for an old deep freezer to make a fermentation chamber, lol. Swapping ice twice a day sucks.
  20. What's difference between a refill and a recipie on the Mr. beer website?
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