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  1. Okay. I'll aim for 65 for the entire three weeks until I hear different. Thanks for the help.
  2. I brewed this about 7 hours ago. The temp has stabilized @ 65 degrees. Thanks all! I just put in three 4X6x0.5 inch ice packs for the night. What should my target temp be?
  3. I started my second batch today. My first is the American light classic beer. I bottled that today for a 4 week conditioning. My first brew I just left out at room temperature. I did not monitor the temp. During that brew I ordered a temp strip. With my second brew, I put my LBK in my sink in the laundry room. I cover my sink with a piece of cardboard with a towel on top (poor man temp control). I have numerous blue ice packs of different sizes that I plan to use. Now........ The directions say 68-76. Most people on these forums brew at 60-65 it seems. What should my target temp be for winter ale to be done in 3 weeks. Thanks!
  4. Hahaha. I think I will like this community! I followed the directions to a "T" and I watched the DVD later. It said to avoid taking off the lid so I wasn't sure how that would effect anything. Obviously it has little effect because I did not witness a nuclear reaction of any kind. Nice touch on shipping you my tainted beer. Hahaha. Appreciate the advice!
  5. I had a lot of questions about my first brew. I found most of the answers here but I wanted to ask a couple more. First l should let you know I am at 14 days brewing my first batch. It is the American Light Beer that came with my LBK. I planned on bottling today until I tried my beer and read this forum. I tried my beer today. It was not crystal clear; it was murky. It tasted like beer, not great, and tasted citrusy. A couple mistakes (that I know of) I have made in my first batch: Day 2 and 3 I took the lid off just to see for a couple seconds each time. I used cold tap water instead of refridgerated water in my LBK when I added the hot malt mixture. I also did cool the malt at all before adding it to the LBK. I now plan to bottle at day 21 following the 3/4 method I have read on here. Now the questions. Do you think my beer will turn out okay? Will the citrus, murky beer turn out? Is this expected at this stage? Will the beer ever be clear? I have my LBK in my laundry room at room temperature away from the sun and covered with a towel. Is this okay? I assume room temp is close to 65-69. Does the wort temperature rise above the room temp during fermentation warranting further temperature control measures? I know I asked a lot of questions. Thanks in advance for your time. I love beer, and so far I love brewing. I'm hooked.
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