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  1. New member here. Fallowfield Twp, Washington County, Pa
  2. New Brewer here. On my first batch. I believe I have done everything right up to this point. I sanitized like crazy and even wore medical grade gloves during the initial steps. I am one week into fermentation. My LBK is in a cooler (chamber) and was placed in the cooler at a temp of 69 Degrees. Temp has been holding up okay and active fermentation seemed to stop about day 4.5. The fermenting wort has a film like layer substance at the top and the middle to the bottom is cloudy. Not a ton of visual CO2 release the last i checked, but due to the layering at the top of the LBK I do believe CO2 is being created to an extent. I haven't and refuse to open the the lid for any reason since I am only brewing american light. Any tips or advice from this point anyone would have for me?
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