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  1. Kyle, just wondering how your strawberry basil wheat came out.  I'm just curious whether or not the strawberry flavor came through.  Was thinking about doing this, but adding a little Brewer's Best Strawberry Extract.  Thanks! 

    1. cowboykyle


      the one I did last summer was really great.  really.  one of the best brew's i've done.  I just made two more batches this weekend the same way.  of all the beers i've given away, that had the best reviews too.    


      The strawberry basil tincture was really a good way to get the flavoring with out any artificial taste... I have a current vanilla porter with extract, I can kind of tell it is added vanilla extract.  


      I would encourage you to try the tincture method, especially with this.  the basil and strawberry really imbue the vodka with flavoring, which blends great with the wheat beer.  

    2. AnthonyC


      Thanks, Kyle.  I'm going to make this and follow your advice.  Appreciate the response.

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