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  1. sorry guys no i put the brew in a seperate container and added the sugar then. I didnt mix the trub and sugar in the lbk.
  2. Im sure there have been alot of threads on here about this but i just tried my blackberry porter that i have been making and there isnt any carbonation to it. Now I tried a new way of carbonating this beer, instead of using the tablets or putting the priming sugar into each bottle i make up some sugar seperately and then poured that into the barrel and mixed it all together before bottling. Is there anything I can do or is it ruined?......I also used glass bottles instead of the PET bottles.
  3. no i was talking about conditioning y'all, i added the fruit during the fermenting process at the 2nd week. i let it all sit for 4 weeks and now i'm going to let it condition for 3-4 weeks. there was a lot of apparent mass confusion. over all process will be 8 weeks.
  4. well shot, i bottled on the 4th week so I hope i didnt ruin the beer
  5. on conditioning i usually wait 3 or 4 weeks
  6. why so long if you dont mind me asking?
  7. Ok guys, I bottled my blackberry porter and i put them in glass bottles. Is there anything i need to do now other than waiting for 3 weeks. Since there is fruit in it should it be at a certain temp and any other things that I need to do other then wait for this brew?
  8. hey yall, i'm finally bottling my blackberry porter tomorrow and i was going to ask. I dont want to use the carbonating pills and I did the 3/4 tablespoon trick for my stout but i dont believe they equally got enough. Maybe they did maybe they didnt but getting to the point i was going to make a solution of water and sugar and pour it into a bottling bucket and then transfer the beer to the bottling bucket and then bottle. So how much sugar and water should i use before pouring it into the beer?
  9. oh no no I know its not broken I was just curious. This porter as people have read, is definately a work in process and I cant wait for the results of it
  10. Im a week into my fermenting stage on my blackberry porter and I'm going to add the blackberries within the next couple of days and I was curious if yall had any suggestions of anything else that I could add this late in the stage to help with the taste of the brew?
  11. definitely 4 weeks, it will condition better. I went to a homebrew shop near my house on thursday and someone had a beer he wanted the owner to try and after we tried it and told him it tasted green, he mentioned he only fermented it for a week and condition it for 2 days on top of that. I always ferment for 3 weeks and condition for 3-4 weeks
  12. yea guys I found a beer from travelers brewery out of england I believe but they have a grapefruit ale that is absolutely amazing. It tastes like you drinking grapefruit juice with the hint at the end of an ale. A great summer time brew to just sit somewhere sip and relax. I would love to recreate this brew.
  13. wow, no mine looked nothing like that at all. Thanks again for all the help guys.
  14. Thats a good idea Hoppysmile thanks I might have to try that as well. I was wondering what cold crashed meant as well so again thanks for the info
  15. Ya there is one now on the bottom but I have to pull the LBK out of the cooler to look at it so I try to keep that at a minimum to reduce sloshing of the brew.
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