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  1. Thanks! Sounds good, I'll give it a try. Should I add an extra oz of hops or just use the 1.5 that I already have?
  2. I have the ingredients for this recipe but was hoping to make a ever more bitter and hoppy IPA. I also have a Pale DME. Can I use that to boil the hops then dry hopping after as well? If so how much water do I use? Any input is welcome! This is only my 5th batch.
  3. I should add that I have also done "Surly Dog Ipa" it was really good but looking for more...
  4. I'm about to cold crash and bottle my third batch (hop head red) which I also dry hopped to hopefully give it some hop aroma. Next batch up is "Slap Hoppy Stout". I would like to make a DIPA after that (I love hops). Was wondering if anyone had aNY suggestions. I have a Diablo Ipa for starters.
  5. Came out pretty good. A little cloudy, no head. But, Not by for my first attempt! My next batch(surly dog IPA) will be ready to cold crash this weekend. Smells amazing! Should be a much tastier brew!
  6. So... no recipes? Josh? haha!
  7. So now it's been 4 weeks(in the bottles) and I put a couple in the fridge. Still, the one that was 3/4 full is rock hard and the rest aren't quite as carbed. Does this sound like an issue? I used the Mr. Beer carb drops (2 ea./750ml).
  8. All good points. Thanks everybody!
  9. From everything I've read, light is beers sworn enemy. My LBK is brown, bottles are brown. So, why is it that all the Carboys I see are clear?
  10. also makes sense! I wasn't sure if what I added affected it at all.
  11. Thanks! Any idea why that would happen?
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