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  1. Thanks for the input, that's a bummer I most likely ruined it....but that's what I get for not reading all the directions. I have an additional 2 gallon normal fermenting bucket from the brew supply store here, I'll just toss my LBK and use that for my next batch.
  2. So just finished my first batch and cleaned the LBK.....with a scouring pad. Obviously I didn't read until afterwards that this is a no-no. Is my LBK screwed???!!!
  3. Just bottled my first batch. The Czech Pilsner, what is the ideal conditioning time?
  4. How do you know what the FG is supposed to be?
  5. Do you take the OG before you add the yeast or does it matter? And how do you measure whether your beer is done? Is it just when it measures the expected ABV for that certain beer?
  6. I just did my first batch today in the LBK and I was worried it might not being warm enough where I had it, so I moved it to a new location. Is it ok to move it during fermentation or did I just ruin the batch? I was very careful to reduce as much sloshing as possible but I can see the top layer of sediment kind of mixed throughout the batch as opposed to laying on top like it was before.
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