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  1. That being said, what would cause the influx in foam when I digitally measured the sugar to exactly 4.3g per 16oz bottle? By weight that is less than I use when I use the drops for the same 16oz bottles. Only thing I can think of is the calibration might have been off but I tested that today and it was solid. Something has to be different. I would try to duplicate it but the Hop Head Red IPA is not one of my favorite brews. I will try granulated sugar with half my next batch and half with the drops and see how that goes. Stay tuned!
  2. Justindhill

    Food That Goes With Brew

    What is better than brew and fod together? Here are some of my highlights and favorites.
  3. Thanks JoshR, I was hoping you would chime in. What would you base the difference on? *Edit - Sucrose should have been formally applied to my OP.
  4. So I totally forgot to order carbonation drops for the last brew I ordered which was the Hop Head Red IPA. I had a few from my last batch and weighed one out at 3.3g. I used 16oz bottles to brew with and used 4.3g of granulated sugar which is about 2/3 less than I normally use with the drops at a rate of 1.5+/- equaling 4.95g+/- in weight. This batch of beer gives more than nice head . It is not over obundant but doing a solid obtuse pour of about 160 degrees does provide a lot of foam. This is not happening to all bottles though, I found one with a leaking gasket which poured out perfectly, about 90% of the other beers were really foamy and the other 10% as soon as I flipped the tops "POING!" the beer started over flowing right away. So I had a couple things going on which to me seems inconsistant as I measured out the granulated sugar to the T and used less than I normally do all around then when using the drops from Mr. Beer. Is there a difference between using the Mr. Beer solidified glucose versus granulated glucose for carbonation? Please note: There has to be some science involved in this so a dumb generic answer will not suffice as there is a difference in how the yeast will handle seperated glucose particles compared to a solidified glucose block that the yeast has to work through. Indulge me
  5. In all honesty none of the Mr Beer brews I have brewed thus far give me much of any side effects other than a wee case of the inibriated two step and a well defined and loud opinion. It is the All Merican beers such as MGD, Bud Light etc that give me the stanky butt the following morning.
  6. Nope, I went to school at an online college. Being that I work in the technology industry my certifications are worth more than a UofM education
  7. I have the opposite issue at times as I keep my LBK in the laundry room and if my significant other closes the door during the drying cycle, the heat can get out of control. We have talked about this though and will keep the door open when the dryer is on. In your case you could try an oscillating heater fan to warm the LBK. This may require some sort of enclosure and finagling with the temp settings to get an optimal/static temp I would think...I am a noob though and that is my thought .
  8. Great idea! I have a smaller one of these for camping. Negative side to this is that it would have to be done out in the apartment parking lot during the winter until I buy a house with a garage...Lol
  9. I use an eight quart stainless steel stockpot, this is for my two gallon LBK though. I have been thinking ahead of my own skill and have been pricing out 32-40 quart stainless steel stockpots for roughly $30+/- and change. I imagine this would be the way to go......That is going to take forever to heat up on my electric stove top though
  10. The past three batches I have brewed have not had a very tall high krausen and the beer turned out just fine. The next batch I plan on doing will now involve a CAL because it is coming with the new LBK i just purchased but I was planning on trying a more malty recipe which has the warning about over flowing the LBK if temps are not correct. I am still going to shoot for that as my next brew endeavor though.
  11. Thanks BeastYeast I was looking at recipes already but decided to wait as I have student loans that are more pressing...Lol
  12. Hop Head Red in LBK w/ another LBK on the way!

  13. In reply to this since I see that you don't even buy craft beer and you live in Michigan one of the top ranking states for craft beer!? Your opinion on good beer is invalid, go out and buy a sixer of Short's and enjoy it for crying out loud! I suggest Soft Parade
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