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  1. The batch I brewed said in the fine print that the sack goes in the LBK for the fermentation.
  2. I'm about to brew up a batch that includes hops and a sack. (You said sack.) Do you just tie a knot with the sack material or do you wrap something else around it? I'm guessing use the sack material. Also, since it's going into boiling liquid, does it have to be sanitized before hand? Thanks.
  3. Wasn't Hop Sack a character in a movie?
  4. The only reason I did six is because I have another 16 ready to go and I've got a batch to bottle on Sunday. Next time I'm cleaning a bunch at once. Thanks again.
  5. I soaked 6 bottles overnight in hot water & oxyclean, woke up to find the labels floating in the water. Any excess glue rubbed off easily with my fingers. SO MUCH EASIER! Thanks Rick.
  6. Man, I went to my Target and they didn't have squat. Were these recent transactions?
  7. That's a negative Ghostrider - the prices are full. I bought mine on sale for $10.00 (3) weeks ago and a few days later they went off sale. Still go for $15.00 http://www.mrbeer.com/2-gallon-fermenter-beer-keg
  8. The magnet and 20% off coupon are definitely sweeeet.
  9. Yeah, it took about 3 weeks to get.
  10. I've bought an aquarium stick-on thermometer for both my LBK's. Both had to be trimmed down to fit between the keg 'ribs'. They've worked great so far! Pretty disappointed with the free one that Mr. Beer sends out. Not even going to use it.
  11. Hobart, Indiana (northwest Indiana), 45 minutes from Chicago. Go Blackhawks!
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