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  1. You should be good to ferment at 70. If you have the metric STC-1000 that would be 22.2 for your temp setting.
  2. I have to agree with him in this. Although I'm new to actual brewing I became quite informed in fermentation chamber building. I read a post somewhere instructing how to override your freezers default settings via a calibration screw to adjust how much umph is invoked when refrigeration is initiated. But I think it was geared more towards those not wishing to build their own controller. The essence of the information was that keezer temps could be achieved without one. But a good portion of hows and whys about the cooling mechanics were also included. It's a good read. I'll post a link to it if I can find it again. My environment on the west coast currently only necessitates a small heat source I picked up from Walmart. So cooling never kicks in. Maintains a nice 70 degrees. I discovered by leaving both sources active I get the ping-pong effect of each one trying to counter the other.
  3. @RickBeer - So you can see how old my kit was. @all - Thanks for all your replies and tips. I'll have to try different things to see what works best as I brew more!
  4. So much great info here. But while I'm still trolling the forum and learning I have a burning question I am not finding an answer for: Can you pitch too much yeast in an LBK size batch? I just brewed my first batch of Ale that came with the kit. The yeast had expired due to my ignorance and I replaced it with a US05 from my LHBS. I inquired a bit before brewing and was advised I could pitch the whole 11g packet of yeast. But I see the Mr. Beer recipes include a 2g packet which has put me on alert. I did take care to pitch at the right temp. My LBK has been fermenting at 70° for 2 weeks now. I neglected to take an OG reading as I was just following the kit instructions (which I now see will not produce a really good brew). Based on what I have read so far it looks like I could/should allow fermentation to continue for another week or two before bottling. So I am wondering if my 11g full packet pitch plunged my batch into Neverland or if I shouldn't mind it. Yes - I will get better at this. Because I know I'm in the right place to ask the questions. Great forum.
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