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  1. Rick, thanks for the help! Quick follow up question. Does the follow up rinse negate the sanitation because the drying is part of the sanitation process, or does the water itself contaminate the equipment?
  2. I just moved to Dallas from the burbs. Does anyone know if going to the Texas beer festival is worth the price?
  3. I'm in east dallas. I've been to homebrew hq in Richardson and they were pretty helpful. Does anyone know if Spec's carries any homebrew supplies?
  4. First of all, I'd like to say thanks for all the helpful advice in this forum, I'm a christmas of 2014 newbie and just put my 3rd batch into my LBK. I have been very impressed by how much this community helps beginners. Before starting my third batch I ran by the local homebrew store and purchased some iodine sanitizer on the recommendation of a store employee. The instructions say to drain then air dry, however I am concerned the residual iodine will degrade the beer. I did a follow up rinse on my equipment for precaution, but would like to know if this is necessary. Tia for the help!
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