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  1. Rick I assumed that "no-rinse" meant that exactly but after a lot of crummy beer I thought I would try getting rid of any residual in the bottle to see if that was the problem. Every batch seemed to have that off flavor so it was something in the process, I just have to figure out just what it was. Getting rid of anything foreign in the bottle, including sanitizer, seemed like a logical step.
  2. So I made a Bewitched Amber Ale and was very careful about my sanitation. Most specifically I made sure that I had washed out the bottles well and that the no-rinse cleanser was in fact rinsed out and the bottles were dry before I actually bottled the beer. I also used 1/2 tsp sugar instead of the 3/4 tsp recommended . Lo and behold the brew was just fine, that off taste was gone. And I thought that the carbonation level was OK too. I did use 3/4 of a tsp of sugar on some of the bottles, so I am going to compare the taste of the two tomorrow while watching the football game. Beer research will probably take place throughout the game. And speaking of research, I was in Belgium a couple of weeks ago on business and my counterpart there introduced me to a couple of wonderful Belgian beers. . He was appalled at my lack of beer knowledge and has suggested a weekend of beer education in Brussels and Antwerp, I need to get another meeting on the schedule!
  3. In my next batch I am going to vary the sugar a bit to see what the mouthfeel is like. One of the benefits of bottle priming I guess. Zorak what you are describing is pretty close only more pronounced. Obviously there can't be that much carbonic acid or I would probably have bottle bombs. Maybe my taste buds are extra sensitive, I have been told by friends in the restaurant business that they consider me to be a common sewer.......
  4. Right, the carbonation won't affect taste but it will change the feel a bit. That is a separate issue from the flavor. Gopher Thanksgiving is at my house this year I think I am going to make my guests sample my beer and try to describe it. In comparison with commercial brews I can only say that the commecial beers are much smoother. My first batch had that green apple taste and this isn't it. The beers have conditioned for as much as four months and the flavor hasn't improved. As I said earlier think I will give it a taste before I bottle to be sure it is OK and then be extra careful with the sanitation. If the flavor is bad before bottling I will at least have narrowed down where the problem might be.
  5. Brian I have not added anything to the wort. I don't recall that taste in the beer before conditioning, but I am going to taste this latest brew before bottling. Slym may be on to something as well, think I will try some bottles with only 1/2 tsp of sugar and see how that turns out.
  6. My mistake, I wrote "tbs" when I meant "tsp". I have in fact been using 3/4 of a teaspoon of sugar. I have been using regular 12 oz. glass beer bottles and the actual carbonation seems spot on. I am thinking about using a bit less sugar to see if it changes the mouthfeel. I have been using charcoal filtered water that tastes great, better than my tap water which has sort of a chlorine taste. I have been conditioning the bottles at room temperature so I don't think that is the problem. The only thing I can think of is that my 12 oz. bottles may not have been clean enough, even though I sanitized them before use. So I am giving them a special wash to be sure they are extra clean even before I sanitize. K5WX thanks for the enouragement I had expected better results by now. To paraphrase the old saying, "life is too short to drink bad beer". Creeps, I did read RickBeer's signature lots of good information there. I'm surprised he didn't post and tell me that himself!
  7. So I have brewed four or five different batches so far and each one has ended up with a taste that I can only describe as sharp. I have followed the instructions on sanitizing, let the beer ferment for three weeks at around 68 degrees, and let the bottles condition for a month or more. Any ideas on what can be causing the off flavor? Whatever it is it seems consistent from batch to batch. I should note that I haven't noticed the sharp taste when the beer comes out of the LBK, so perhaps I need to up my game with respect to sanitation before bottling. I bottle prime with about 3/4 tbs of sugar in each bottle and the carbonation seems fine. Any suggestions or comments from people with similar experiences would be appreciated. I have a batch of Bewitched Amber Ale currently in process I would hate to have to drink another crummy beer.
  8. Thanks to all who responded looks like I have to be sure the beer has been properly chilled before opening. To avoid running out of cold beer I may have to invest in a separate refrigerator. I just have to convince my wife that it will save money in the long run because I won't be pouring all of that beer foam down the drain....................
  9. I thought that I was pretty careful about the sugar measurements but I can't imagine what else could have caused the problem. I put the remainder of the beer in the refrigerator and haven't had a problem since. Would letting the beer cool off for a few days make a difference? I am thinking that it would have decreased the pressure a bit.
  10. MnM thanks for the input I just picked up a hydrometer and will give that a try on my next batch. I am wondering if the fermentation wasn't finished but after 4 weeks I would think it was done.. I suspect the higher conditioning temp the last couple of weeks made a difference. I just opened another one up and it was fine, I am hoping this was just an isolated problem.
  11. I allowed my batch of Noche de Luna to ferment for four weeks in the LBK in the basement where the air temperature is a pretty constant 66 degrees. I bottled in 12 oz. bottles with 3/4 teaspoon of table sugar. I kept the bottles upstairs to condition at around 70 degrees or so. At three weeks I gave some a try and thought it was pretty good but needed a bit more conditioning. I threw some in the fridge yesterday morning and pulled one out last evening to test. I opened the bottle and to my surprise sprayed beer all over the kitchen. I opened up another half dozen and three of them were fine while the others overflowed into the sink. They were obviously overcarbonated but I am surprised that they were fine two weeks ago but not now. The temperature in the house has gone up a bit (spring arrives late in this part of the country) so I am considering letting future batches carbonate/condition in the basement where the temperature is a bit lower. I put the rest of this batch in the fridge hoping any remaining good bottles will remain that way. Any thoughts/experiences would be appreciated.
  12. I opened a bottle of the Noche de Luna that I had fermented with the 1.2 oz. of hops. I thought it was quite good, not anywhere near as hoppy as I thought it would be. It had fermented for four weeks and bottle conditioned for three. It did seem a bit green yet, so I intend to let it bottle condition for another couple of weeks. Thanks to all who responded to the various posts, I learned a lot about hops and the impact on flavor and aroma. This was just my second batch with a third fermenting and now another half dozen on my wish list.
  13. I sort of wondered how dry hopping could affect aroma but not flavor, especially since our sense of taste and smell are so closely related. Now I really want to try this beer out, guess I will find out the results of the experiment in another three or four weeks.
  14. I pulled the hop sack out after about two weeks of fermentation. I was concerned that it would be overly hoppy, but after the comments on this thread and reading up on hops I have a better understanding of the impact of hops on flavor and aroma. As I mentioned earlier I tossed in the remainder of the hops a few days later. I cold crashed at about three weeks and it has now been in the bottle for a week. I am anxious to give it a try but I plan on giving it four weeks in the bottle before I do, no sense in drinking beer that i know isn't ready. Did you dry hop your batch or add the hops during the boil? And why one ounce?
  15. No, I bought three 1/2 oz. packages of Hallertau hops and the LME. I had the Aztec from the original kit but wanted to try a different recipe. Jim I just picked up a hydrometer will test OG and FG on my next batch. I am curious, why use OG rather FG in your estimate of conditioning time?
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