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  1. Thanks for all the great advice. I have a question alcohol content, but I'll start another post on that.
  2. I'll probably try the cooler out first. I told my wife about getting a small refrigerator and she reminded me that during the summer we tend to get numerous power outages. More work involved with using a cooler, but at least I would not have to worry about a/c or power issues.
  3. Yes, I have a thermometer attached to the fermenter, that's how I know the temperature of the wort inside the fermenter. I was just assuming the ambient temperature will have some effect on the wort.
  4. Yes, getting a small refrigerator makes sense here in Florida, especially during the summer.
  5. That's the thing, the temperature of the wort was higher than 78 degrees when it should be between 68 and 72. I keep the fermenter in a nice cool room where the temp never goes over 72 when the a/c works as it should. I keep my house pretty cool. I'm hoping having the wort above 78 degrees for just one day after starting the fermenting process wouldn't hurt the taste.
  6. I'm brewing up my second batch of beer since getting my Mr Beer kit as a gift for Christmas. First batch was awesome. Just started the fermentation process this past Sunday. Yesterday (Monday) I got home and my a/c was blowing warm air and the temperature in the house was 85 degrees. Btw, I live in Florida and it's already summer. I checked the thermometer on the fermenter which goes up to 78 degrees and it was not even registering. Today I got the a/c fixed and its cool again. Should I be worried that the temperature was too high for one day? Will that mess up my batch?
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