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  1. I just reviewed my account. I received 100 points on September 29, 2015 and another 100 points also on September 29, 2015. Then on October 1, 2015 200 points were transferred. All these transactions were done by the System Administrator. Why did it happen and will I get the 100 points back?
  2. Since the website was updated, I have not been able to locate the standard refill kit (the one with just the can of extract and yeast). Since I have only been brewing for 6 months and still dialing in the process, I want to stick with the basics. I have been able to drink what I brew, but would like to get the process down so others will enjoy the fruits of my new hobby. The standard refill kits on the website appear to be the same as the deluxe kits.
  3. I have been reading the forums since receiving my LBK for Christmas 2014 and have not seen an answer to my question. I have seen solutions to lower the temperature of the LBK, but not how to raise the temperature to the proper fermentation range. My basement stays cool year round. The first beer and first cider were fermented just below the range, which did not create the best. My second beer started off too cool while I was on vacation. After the first week, I placed the LBK in a cooler with a half gallon milk jug full of water. I microwave the water and have raised the LBL to 64 - 68. Unfortunately, I need to do this once or twice a day. Are there any other ways to raise the temperature? Since the first week was below the temperature and no or very little fermentation took place, should I start my 3 week period when fermentation started?
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