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  1. I bought it for my 60 minute IPA from my LHBS and had it lying around and thought I would ask.
  2. Hi I have some Irish Moss from another recipe I am making and was wondering if anyone thought it would be good to add to Rose's Rambling Red?
  3. I understand what your saying, I know it a long process and need equipment I was pricing it out, I am gonna revise my plan. Like I said I think I may be too ambitious on this recipe :-)
  4. Although as I put this together, I am thinking I may be too ambitious and biting off more than I can chew.
  5. I would want to do it full grain with no extract. Looking at other oatmeal stouts this would be the grain selection I would use 6.00 lb Pale Malt 0.65 lb Oats, Flaked 0.50 lb Chocolate Malt 0.50 lb Victory Malt 0.33 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt 0.33 lb Roasted Barley With Cascade or Fuggles for hops And about 3 to 4 oz cocoa powder
  6. Did you follow the two week fermentation or do 3 weeks
  7. Beast Yeast: Yeah I meant full grain boil. Its going to be my first stout and grain boil. So I am up in the air because I have been told doing a full grain boil is really easy and may yield better results than using the HME from Mr.Beer. I may change my 60 minute for a grain boil so have one under my belt before getting to ambitious.
  8. I am thinking about ideas to queue up in my list of brews to make and I think after I do my Irish red and 60 min IPA I am going to create a recipe for a Chocolate chip oatmeal cookie stout. I feels like it would be great for the fall / winter. I was thinking about using high quality Cocoa power and fresh vanilla bean and steel cut Irish oats. As for the base ingredients I am not sure if I am gonna go with the Mr. Beer St. Patrick's HME or find a better recipe. I kinda feel if I use the Mr. Beer HME I would regret not building a custom brew. If anyone has any ideas let me know I will post more about as I research.
  9. I am finding the more recipes I read and concoctions I think up the more addicting this hobby is getting I may need to buy a second keg so I can have two different brews going at once because waiting to start the next brew seems very difficult.
  10. Oh I am not scared off. I just want to get a few under my belt. And then try more advanced stuff. I do want to expand from using Mr. Beer stuff because I have an awesome homebrew place near my house that Ibwant to utilize.
  11. I have been reading so many clone recipes for this beer and they are all for 5 gallons and full grain boils like the recipe posted already and I just do not feel ready for a full boil like that. So searched around and pieced together my own from a bunch of recipes and I came up with this it should be easier and hopefully the taste is close. But what is better exactly the same or close but my own concoction. DFH 60 minute IPAish clone 3.3 lbs Pale LME 1.0 lbs Amber DME .75oz warrior 60-35 mins (continuous) .25oz Simcoe 35-25 mins (continuous) .75oz Palisade 25-0 mins (continuous) Dry hop with: .50 amarillo .50 simcoe .50 glacier Safale S-04 or S-05 Dry Ale Yeast I would choose another yeast but this one seems the most stable to my environment which is between 70 and 73 degrees.
  12. Hi I am new to brewing I just started my second batch with the Rose's Rambling Red recipe. I am a fan of DFH 60 minute IPA and was looking to create a recipe similar. I have seen this video on YouTube and was wondering if changing up the hops to ones used in other large recipes would work would make a difference. Mr. Beer - 60 Minute Pale Ale: https://youtu.be/HXHAp05Grcc
  13. I am a smithwicks fan too, and the brew master suggested the recipe for Rose's Rambling Red.
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