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  1. Here's a question I felt deserved some light shed on it. I went to my local LHBS to pick up some hops for something I decided to "create" with some Mr. Beer ingredients I had on hand. Seeing this is the only LHBS in the area, it usually is quite packed as I live in Vermont and practically everyone here brews their own. With this being my 7th batch, I have built enough confidence thinking I have a bit of a clue as to what I'm doing. When I said that I only needed a half ounce of pelleted hops, I was asked why so little. I replied because I'm only brewing 2 gallons. At that point, the guy nodded and said "oh, ok...as long as it isn't for that Mr. Beer $h!t" and laughed. A few others overheard him, started laughing, and made a few comments. Some were "syrup that's made for soda machines, Fisher-Price for wannabe beer makers, and the state assistance program for home brewers." Why the hate? What I've brewed, my friends, family, and I have enjoyed. Does this have anything to do with the simplicity of the process or the use of no grains? Could it be that I live in Vermont and was surrounded by elitist hipsters (often the case)? Feel free to give your insight on this one, I've already teed it up.
  2. Excellent, Josh. Thanks a million.
  3. Thanks, is there a "general" weight as far as total amount? I happen to have all of this stuff on hand, but don't want to go overboard.
  4. Can anyone here help me in regards to what combination of spices you'd place in your muslin sack for this? My local homebrew store has some already packaged, but orange zest doesn't jive too well with pumpkin nor is it in any pumpkin spiced anything. I have the stuff ready to brew, but its been sitting in a box for a few months. The girlfriend really likes the stuff and I'm hoping to have it ready by early autumn, thanks.
  5. Brewtus

    Black IPA

    Oblivion sounds like it would strip away all inhibitions...EXCELLENT!! In all seriousness though, that looks intense.
  6. Brewtus

    Black IPA

    Sounds good. With this sale that's going on, it's silly not to stock up and experiment.
  7. Brewtus

    Black IPA

    Still being fairly new to the alchemy known as brewing, I'm wondering if using an HME of Diablo IPA, an LME softpak of Robust, and two compatible types of hops (one for the boil and one for dry hop) would produce a Black IPA. Your ideas, comments, and snide remarks are all welcome.
  8. Luckily, I live in Vermont so I would only have to worry about this for our 60 day or so "summer" season. That's still two months worth of sleepless nights though.
  9. Excellent tip, thanks! Guess I should do this when I add pureed strawberries into the cream ale as well then, huh?
  10. Why was the oatmeal stout shelved? I was thinking about building one myself, but lack experience. I have the Helles Bock carbonating and the Belgian Spice in the fermenter...nothing tasted yet except the FG pull of the Bock.
  11. I was planning on dressing up my Mexican Cerveza with a 12 oz. can of Guanabana (Sourop) nectar because I couldn't find the fruit in canned form anywhere. Do you feel this is something that would work out if I added it to the LBK after the wort? Questions, comments, snide remarks all appreciated.
  12. The problem is I bought my kit from Gardener's Supply Store that appeared to have been opened and resealed. I didn't have the directions and my no rinse sanitizer was sealed in a small Ziploc bag. Thanks everyone for the ideas and ribbing. I'm hoping that I can squander another question that may top this one.
  13. The adage says there are no stupid questions, but I'm willing to test that theory. I opened up and started to set my kit up when I saw the packet of no rinse sanitizer. This set the wheels turning on a debate as to how one goes about sanitizing all of the equipment at my home. One side (not mine) said "there aren't any instructions because the packet says no rinse so just dump that stuff in there." My thought process was more along the lines of "but there's granulars in there. That stuff must be rinsed out." Please end this dispute so we can start brewing, please. Thanks in advance.
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