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  1. Just received free capper and bottles. The family is looking out for me and finding supplies for free or next to nothing. I'll give it a try for free, why not. How much sugar do I need for a 12 oz bottle.
  2. Temperature.. I have to get a stickon one that has actual temps. I just have the Mr Beer checkmark. The checkmark is always bordering on cold. LBK is an a cooler just to cushion spikes. Liquid temp probably did not go over 76. There is no way of telling. It is possible.
  3. Read RickBeer's must reads. A lot more information than from Mr. Beer. Great that he is sharing his trial an error results. It will cut down a lot of my trials. Already found things I could be doing better.
  4. Well, I'm starting a new batch. I will definitely use the 3/4/2 timeline. I really don't think it's infected beer. Bottling is done very carefully as well. The bottles are all washed with clear unscented hand soap. Rinsed and shaken the heck out of. I fill each one half way with a 1 gallon to 1/2 packet of sanitizer. Cap and shake. Let sit about 15 - 20 minutes. Empty the bottles and loosely cap. Remove the cap without touching inside. Fill from spigot at 45 degree angle to prevent any foam. I do not let bottle touch outside of spigot. Always keep it about 1/2" away. I never drain the keg down to the sediment. I cap immediately. Bottles are kept in a cooler in a 70 degree room. If there is a temperature fluctuation the cooler should buffer it. I keep my fermenter on top of the cooler, and the indicator on the keg is always a green check. If the keg has a green check, inside the cooler should be close.
  5. I made the CAL three times because yes it was cheap. Two came with kits and one was on sale. All were within expiration dates. Regarding taste there is really nothing wrong with an occasional light beer, although I would rather stick with the IPAs Sterilization process: Everything is washed with clear unscented hand soap, and rinsed multiple times. I fill the keg with 1 gallon tap water/1/2 packet of sterilizer. Cap, shake the heck out of it, open the spigot let it flow a bit, close. I fill a plate with the solution from the spigot on keg. I then put all items inside keg, and let sit for about 15-20 minutes while I start working on the wort. After 15 or 20 minutes I remove tools from keg and place on the plate, and drain the keg. I place the lid on the sterilized plate. After this process I make sure my hands do not come in contact with any items that will touch beer. I always brew per the instructions. Ferment 2 weeks, Bottle ( 1 liter with 2.5 tsp sugar) Carbonate 2 weeks, Refrigerate 2 weeks. Then disappointment. I know it is something I am doing. The friend that got me into this has been brewing for two years and has only had minor problems. He said he has never lost a keg.
  6. I've only been brewing a short time. The first batch was American Classic Light that came with the kit. It was drinkable but not the best. A little cloudy not much head. I chalked it up to first brew. I tried Classic Light once more and to put it mildly it was swill. Very cloudy, head only with aggressive pour, bad taste. 1.9 gallons went down the drain. I tried Diablo IPA. Perfect brew! Huge head, good lacing, nice color, excellent taste. Only complaint was it was gone too soon. Currently brewing two LBK's. One American Classic, one Surly Dog IPA. I tried the American Classic tonight. Dark, cloudy, bad smell. Two sips out of two bottles. Could be used as torture. Looks like all 2 gallons will be making its way to the treatment plant. It makes me worry about the Surly Dog IPA that is carbonating now. I sterilize keg, can opener, whisk, pot, funnel for sugar, bottles, and caps. I only use bottled water. I keep the keg in a cooler to keep the temperature stabile. There is almost no fluctuation in temperature. Any ideas on what I am missing?
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