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  1. Yes I did use sugar drops. with my first two batches used the plastic bottles and put a little more sugar than the directions said to. With the second batch I did get good head but still tasted like cider. With my third batch I have switched to glass 12oz bottles and used the exact amount of sugar according to the directions that came with the kit. This batch has carbonates for 3 weeks. I will give it another week at room temperasure then put some bottles in the fridge for a few days before I open another bottle.
  2. I received a Mr beer kit for Christmas last year and have made 3 batches if beer. Each batch has been fairly flat and tastes like cider. I know my first batch did not carbonate long enough (1 week). The second batch had good carbonation after 2 weeks but still tastes like cider. My third batch fermented for 3 weeks and carbonated for an additional 3 weeks @ room temp. I tried one bottle Today and it us flat and tastes like cider. Can anyone help.
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