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  1. Thanks for the input. Cheers
  2. I just brewed a batch of Voo Doo yesterday. I have made this recipe a few times but this time I forgot the Brown Sugar. Any ideas how to punch this up a bit by adding anything or just suck it up and drink it without.
  3. I just ordered some new LBK's and was upset with the Black lids and spigots. Hard to sanitize if you can't see the bad juju. Go back to the white please. Much easier on the old eyes. You can't save the old white ones. They don't fit. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Brewers.
  4. I have brewed both ways and yes the Booster does kick it up a notch.
  5. Your Robust LME and Winter Dark together makes one of my all time Fav's. A Defib. Doppelbock. Outstanding flavor and a creamy large head. I am enjoying the Hell out of one right now. Brew it as I have. Again and again.
  6. Don't Know. Don't care. I am a Ferm ( play on words) believer in K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. More time for other things to do such as drink the Beer I just created. Enough said. Back to the fridge.
  7. Children, Stop fighting. LOL. It is all good. Brew on.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I will touch base on a few replies. I Use 3 LBK's at a time. I usually make 3 different flavors at a time so I can keep my curiosity satisfied. I like most, try to brew with the seasons. My top 2 favorites by far are Columbus' Cascading Amber Ale and Defibrillator Doppelbock. They come out great every time. I have had to replace only 1 LBK so far. There is another one that soon will be making it to the Craft Beer Heavens. I too have made some mistakes. The very first batch I made was in the winter. I fermented it in my basement and I think the yeast went Dormant. Wisconsin winters can be brutal. I now brew in my Home office closet with the Kegs covered with a blanket. I learned that brewing with fruit can be explosive, hence the blanket. I Pureed 2 cans of Boysenberries and added to the wort before pitching the yeast. Now I wait one week after before adding the fruit. Currently, I am exploring the world of fruit extracts thanks to the Forum. Not enough the first time. Too much the second time. I hope I have it nailed down the next batch. I Know this got a little lengthy but I am not very computer savvy either. Ein Prosit.
  9. Big day today. Just finished brewing LBK #200. Kicking back today with a few of my remaining Homebrews. Thanks to all that gave me some great ideas for better success with my Hobby. CHEERS.
  10. I have Brewed the Defibrillator Doppelbock. Outstanding. It is the Winter Dark with Booster and Robust LME. Great head retention and a belly warmer. It comes in at about 7% ADV. It is a true winner.
  11. I drink some of my Homemade Beer, and then remember why sanitizing is important. I also only sanitize what comes in contact with my Brew. I create my Homemade goodness in my kitchen as well. It's not a Hospital. Have a beer, relax, and have a great time making it. It shouldn't be a job. Ein Prosit.
  12. I have been trying for days and no luck. Getting Frustrated.
  13. Thanks for the Info guys. Rick, I will check into your ideas for other options. Prost.
  14. I am new to the community. I have been a Mr. Beer Brewer for 3 years, and I enjoy making new recipes all the time. Does anyone know if Mr. Beer offers Gluten Free recipes? We may have a new Brewer in the fold. Uncle Beep
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