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  1. So the boss, aka the wife, told me she wants me to brew her a Pilsner. I said sure! I was thinking about just brewing the deluxe chech Pilsner but I was wanting to try out another yeast other then the one it comes with. Does anyone have any recommendations or know of a recipe that is good? Thanks for the help!
  2. A few months does make a big difference. I just tried a Diablo IPA I found that I made in January and it was much better then after the first 4 weeks.
  3. Since we are talking about this, I was a student at Appalachian in 2007 when Go Blue fell. ?
  4. You live in greenbay? How about football ticket swap. I'll get you some Carolina ones.
  5. I must say I do like all of the new recipes coming out!
  6. I used this chart with my last batch using the cane sugar domino dots and my Diablo came out super charged. It was very fizzy with a nice head and laceing.
  7. I am having the same issue from my iPhone.
  8. For the batch I just bottled I filled 2 1L bottles and 12 500mL bottles.
  9. I have read from others that the golden is good with it
  10. This might be a dumb question, but has anyone ever gotten a one gallon kit from northern brewer or the LHBS and doubled it and fermented in the LBK?
  11. I have not heard of big dans. Will have to look it up. The only other one around that I knew was bull city homebrew in Durham.
  12. Have you had a chance to visit triad homebrew supply on Guilford College Road? They have always been helpful for wine and beer. Prices were ok the last time I went.
  13. Thank you. One last questions. For the hop sacks, does the one added after 2 weeks need to be sanitized? I assume yes and could i sanitize it when I put it in the lbk and put it in a plastic bag or is it best to sterilize right before use? Thank you for all of the help. I just ordered the grains and hops and can't wait to get started!
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