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  1. Hi CBS.  Just wondering if you have ever tried some of the recipes from other distributers (Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies, etc)?  Mr. Beer is like a gateway beer.  I was getting pretty disgusted b/c my 1st 5-8 Mr. B recipes sucked, so I decided to try other brands and they were MUCH better. You can even do a five gallon batch and split it into 2 LBK's.  After you try those you can go back and tweak the Mr. B. recipes (grains, dme, lme) and they come out much better.  Some of their recipes flat out suck and taste the same as 75% of their other stuff, but others are good when altered (whispering wheat, Belgian blanc).  Let me know and I'll send you a  list of the other distributers beers that I've tried and we're great!   Good luck to you! :)

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    2. AnthonyC


      As long as you followed the 3-4-3 method, it sounds like you're doing everything perfectly.  Honestly I think that it's just Mr.Beer stuff.  Unfortunately I have not brewed any Pilsners or Kolsch.  The only 2 recipes from Mr. Beer that I can say that I REALLY liked were the Whispering Wheat and the Belgian Blanc.  Both were modified a bit, but I think what made them good was the recycled Northern Brewer Abbey Dubbel recipes recycled yeast that I used.  


      I would say to give a 5g NB or MWB recipe a shot before quitting.  If I didn't switch to those brands (and others), I probably would've quit too.  I verify that these recipes are excellent:

      NB's Phat Tyre, Abbey Dubbel, Dunkelweizen, and Block Party Amber Ale.  All of their IPA's have been excellent with the exception Grapefruit Pulpin'.

      Good luck! :)

    3. craftbeersyndrome


      OK cool, thanks. Yeah I followed the 3-4-3 method.  I'll give them a try. Actually, when I was browsing NB's website I came across a 1 gal. Honey Country Pilsner recipe that I thought about trying. I figured on brewing a 1 gal. batch and if I liked it, I'd brew a 5 gal. batch. Or do you recommend a 5 gal. batch? 

    4. AnthonyC


      I would say that it depends on the price.  Usually it is more economical

      to do the 5g.  Honestly, I think you're going to be very happy with NB's recipes.  To be honest, I just bought 5 Mr. B Weissbiers b/c they were only $5 each but after that I'm doing all NB, MWB, and Brewers Best.  Keep me posted.

  2. I use sugar cubes (Domino Dots) and I have no problems putting them in 12 oz. bottles. No mess at all. Just saying.
  3. I believe it was on the warm side when I pitched the yeast 70 I think. I did use refrigerated water. I ferment in my basement and it stays between 64 and 67. I have stick on thermometers on my LBK's and they read 66 the whole time.
  4. My Pilsner has fermented 3 weeks and I tasted a sample of it, has a cider taste. I'm thinking I should let it sit another day or two? Or should I go ahead and bottle it?
  5. Welcome! I have two pieces of advice for you while your fermenting, drink some beer and READ!
  6. Welcome! Great videos. I bet you guys are fun to hangout with and drink some great beer! Y'all had me crackin' up!
  7. That looks pretty good. The first 3 batches I brewed were pilsners, and they turned out to be darker. I brewed another one tonight and I steeped some pilsen malt with it for some flavor so, I hope it turns out good. I've notice the longer they condition the better they taste. Pilsners are my favorite style of beer followed by Kolsch style. Cheers!
  8. That does make sense. I wasn't even gonna use the booster but, I said what the hell. lol Thanks Josh.
  9. I've looked through the forum and couldn't fine the answer. My question is: Should I dissolve booster then steep, or after steeping? Or does it matter?
  10. Yeah, I had it fermenting in my basement which was around 67 and the stick on thermometer read around 68 or 70 if I remember correctly. This is good to know for the future. I'll be using US-05 on this next batch and it says 59-75 for the temp. range. So should I try and ferment more on the low side like around 59-64?
  11. Thanks! You're right about that. I was looking back through my beer brew notes and found that, the last 3 beers I brewed didn't pan out. I brewed Horse's Ass Ale 3 times and the first batch was great, not so great the last two. Jamaican Mon was a complete disaster!! It still tastes like rubbing alcohol after 9 months. I have no clue what happened. Oh well, I'm starting fresh and I'm excited about the grains that Mr. Beer has added. Cheers!
  12. I kept a log of all my brews...date I brewed and how long they fermented, conditioned, and tasted, etc. I don't have hydrometer YET...right now I don't really care about knowing the ABV...I'm more interested in taste. I guess you can say I'm re-testing the waters again! LOL
  13. Yeah, I know I should have never quit, but that damn disappointment got the better of me! I'm gonna try my hardest to never let that happen again!!
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