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  1. I use sugar cubes (Domino Dots) and I have no problems putting them in 12 oz. bottles. No mess at all. Just saying.
  2. I believe it was on the warm side when I pitched the yeast 70 I think. I did use refrigerated water. I ferment in my basement and it stays between 64 and 67. I have stick on thermometers on my LBK's and they read 66 the whole time.
  3. My Pilsner has fermented 3 weeks and I tasted a sample of it, has a cider taste. I'm thinking I should let it sit another day or two? Or should I go ahead and bottle it?
  4. Welcome! I have two pieces of advice for you while your fermenting, drink some beer and READ!
  5. Welcome! Great videos. I bet you guys are fun to hangout with and drink some great beer! Y'all had me crackin' up!
  6. That looks pretty good. The first 3 batches I brewed were pilsners, and they turned out to be darker. I brewed another one tonight and I steeped some pilsen malt with it for some flavor so, I hope it turns out good. I've notice the longer they condition the better they taste. Pilsners are my favorite style of beer followed by Kolsch style. Cheers!
  7. That does make sense. I wasn't even gonna use the booster but, I said what the hell. lol Thanks Josh.
  8. I've looked through the forum and couldn't fine the answer. My question is: Should I dissolve booster then steep, or after steeping? Or does it matter?
  9. Yeah, I had it fermenting in my basement which was around 67 and the stick on thermometer read around 68 or 70 if I remember correctly. This is good to know for the future. I'll be using US-05 on this next batch and it says 59-75 for the temp. range. So should I try and ferment more on the low side like around 59-64?
  10. Thanks! You're right about that. I was looking back through my beer brew notes and found that, the last 3 beers I brewed didn't pan out. I brewed Horse's Ass Ale 3 times and the first batch was great, not so great the last two. Jamaican Mon was a complete disaster!! It still tastes like rubbing alcohol after 9 months. I have no clue what happened. Oh well, I'm starting fresh and I'm excited about the grains that Mr. Beer has added. Cheers!
  11. I kept a log of all my brews...date I brewed and how long they fermented, conditioned, and tasted, etc. I don't have hydrometer YET...right now I don't really care about knowing the ABV...I'm more interested in taste. I guess you can say I'm re-testing the waters again! LOL
  12. Yeah, I know I should have never quit, but that damn disappointment got the better of me! I'm gonna try my hardest to never let that happen again!!
  13. Thanks guys! I'll let you know how it turns out.
  14. Well, it's been over 9 months since the last time I brewed any beer. The last two didn't turn out. So, I got discouraged and quit like and dummy! A few months ago I got the urge to brew again, but kept putting it off until tonight! I'm gonna try it again! I ordered The Partytime Pilsner and I'm gonna steep some Pilsen Malt with the recipe. I'm supper excited about it...I can't wait to get started. This will be my 8th batch that I've brewed and I'm hoping this one pans out, because I don't want to buy beer from the store anymore!! Cheers!
  15. The last two I brewed where over 9 months ago (Horse's Ass Ale and Jamaica Mon) They've been sitting for all this time and the Horse's Ass Ale still tastes like cider and the Jamaica Mon tastes like rubbing alcohol, has been since they've been done. I don't know what happened. Anybody have any feedback?
  16. Yeah. From what I've read I would just brew like the instructions say. I think adding the malt would give that Partytime Pilsner some character. I brewed it last year and it turned out pretty good. Just wanted to doctor it up a bit.
  17. Well, it's been almost a year since I've brewed any beer and I haven't been on here for quite some time also. I seen where you now can brew partial mash recipes. I have a question about a recipe. I was thinking about brewing the Partytime Pilsner and mashing some Pilsen malt with it. I know there's more to it, but how do I go about it? Is it even feasible?
  18. I agree with this. Or even the Czech Pilsner would be a good one.
  19. Congrats! 200 brews and only 7 posts?
  20. Just curious if anyone on here has brewed this? And was it good? I'll be bottling it next week and I took advantage of the 4th of July sale and bought two more! All the reviews I've read were good. I can't wait to try it though.
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