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  1. It has been mentioned in this forum before that distilled water should not be used, it is missing some essential minerals:
  2. I have made the Fresco Chile Lime recipe (which uses the Aztec Cerveza as its base) a couple of times and really enjoyed it. It is easy to adjust the number of jalapenos used to suit your tastes (i would suggest starting with 2-3 as opposed to the 5-6 called for in the recipe). And it is a bit cheaper than the Calavera Chile Stout, as well (although I really want to try that one myself).
  3. I have now made 28 batches of Mr. Beer refills/recipes. I like variety and always want to try new things, so there are only 3 recipes I have repeated: Fresco Chile Lime, Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale, and Millennium Falconers Flight Red, all very good. Other favorites are Howling Red Ale and Wild Wheat.
  4. I made a batch of the Beach Babe Blonde where I combined it with the instructions for the Let it Bee Honey Blonde Ale, which calls for a steep with 2 oz. each of Honey Malt and Pilsen Malt, and then 0.5 oz of Mt. Hood hops in a 5-minute boil. I thought it turned out very well.
  5. RIP, Jim.  You will be missed.

  6. I am happy to hear the Millennium Falconers Flight Red turned out so well. Mine is ready to be bottled tomorrow night!
  7. I'm in. Happy to finally try the Baltic Porter. I will probably love it, then it won't be available any more.
  8. The Horse's Ass Ale is a simple recipe using CAL that turned out well for me: http://www.mrbeer.com/horse-s-ass-ale-recipe' And agreeing with Bonsai, the Let It Bee Honey Blond Ale is a good one as well.
  9. Good job on this, Yoda. I didn't look at all of them carefully, but I did find one typo. When I filtered to look at recipes using the Czech Pilsner refill (because I have an extra one without a plan yet), it mistakenly included the Cerealiously Lucky Charms Milk Stout. Take a look when you get the chance.
  10. When I started brewing (early 2015), I read someone somewhere recommending corn sugar. I've been using it all along, and have been happy with the results. Granted, I would likely have been just as happy with the results using table sugar, but the corn sugar is inexpensive and I can keep it separate from our household sugar, therefore keeping SWMBO happy.
  11. The Fresco Chile Lime recipe has been one of my favorites: http://www.mrbeer.com/refills/recipes/fresco-chile-lime-beer-recipe I have a new batch of it conditioning right now. It uses 1 can Aztec and 1 pouch booster, and the instructions call for 5-6 jalapenos and the zest of 1 small lime. Reading the reviews about 5-6 peppers making it too spicy for some people, I revised it to 4 peppers and used zest from two limes, and I was very happy with the results. If you're "not a hot pepper type of person", you could cut it down to 1-2, and I think you'll still get a nice flavor. I also made the Noche de Luna recipe (different hops than in "Noche del Lobo", instructions found in the Mr. Beer archives here: https://mrbeer.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000523104-noche-de-luna-recipe-instructions) early in my brewing adventure and it was just okay.
  12. @scouterbill, I opened my "scouterbill Wild Wheat" over the weekend, and I really like it. The citrusy hops hit you up front, much like an IPA, but as it warms up, the wheat beer flavors come through a bit more. A very interesting beer, thanks again for posting your idea!
  13. There are notches in the opening (under the lid) that allow gas to vent, so you should be fine. I have seen posts that recommend loosening the lid 1/4 turn as well. I've done it some times, other times not, and never had an issue either way.
  14. scouterbill, just so you know, I copied your idea. When you originally posted this, I was all set to brew a batch of Wild Wheat that weekend, and only needed the Saaz hops from my LHBS. Seeing your post, and being a big fan of Deschutes' Fresh Squeezed IPA myself, I decided to get the Citra and Mosaic instead, along with the grains you mentioned. I only went with 1 oz. of honey malt, though. I haven't tasted any samples yet, I'm about a week behind you. I added the Mosaic today to dry-hop, and it sure smells wonderful! Anyway, thanks for posting your plan so I could follow suit!
  15. They certainly do. Googling "hop haze" brings up many discussions on the topic (and a couple of commercial beers using the name). https://www.craftbeer.com/craft-beer-muses/beer-clarity-in-a-topsy-turbid-world
  16. I received that same kit as a gift from my SWMBO, and I was not overly impressed with my first results on the GB Pilsner or Aztec Cerveza either. But when I tried Mr. Beer's Oktoberfest and American Ale, I was hooked. Don't give up too soon, Snuffy. The GB Pilsner and Aztec Cerveza can benefit from additions (I like the Fresco Chile Lime recipe using the Cerveza), but they have many other refill cans (especially the Craft series) that taste great on their own.
  17. I have been cold-crashing from the beginning (this was my 17th batch), having read RickBeer's excellent explanation (find one of his posts and look in the links in his signature). I have never had any issues with carbonation, but then again, I have never gone this long fermenting before, and this is maybe only my 3rd batch with S-04. This one ended up at 25 days fermenting, then about 36 hours cold-crashing. Hopefully it will carb up fine, but if not, lesson learned. I am not really concerned with hazy beer either, but I do like getting the trub compacted and solidified, which helps get more beer out of the LBK.
  18. Thanks for the tip, JA. Given other scheduled things on Thursday, I will likely cold-crash it for that day then bottle it on Friday.
  19. Got it, thanks for the advice Josh! And thanks for posting the recipe last year, worked great for me before!
  20. I have Josh's Magic Hat #9 clone recipe (American Ale+Smooth LME+Cascade hops, S-04 yeast) that has been fermenting for 19 days now. Normally I would let it go for 21 days, then cold-crash for 3 days. Problem is, I am heading to the beach tomorrow (day 20) for 5 days (back home late Wednesday). So would it be better to start the cold-crashing tomorrow and have it in the fridge for 5 days before bottling, or let stay fermenting in my cool (a steady 68 degrees ambient) basement until I could start the cold-crashing Thursday (which would make it 25 days fermenting)?
  21. Hi poker-run, welcome to the forum and your new addiction! MRB Josh R is the real expert, and what he has suggested in the past is to buy a gallon of 100% apple juice (must be pasteurized), and substitute the cold juice for the cold water that the instructions call for to top off your keg. This should add a bit more sweetness and apple flavor. I only did the one batch of cider (so far), and it wasn't hopped, but I liked the results. Good luck and Happy Brewing!
  22. Looks good! You might consider adding to the instructions the excellent suggestion you've given here in the forum to optionally substitute a gallon of 100% apple juice for the water used to top off the LBK. That worked nicely for me when I made the hard cider, and I will do it again when I get this new recipe.
  23. For what it's worth, I've been using that Inkbird controller with my mini-fridge for about six months now, and I've been very happy with it. Couldn't be easier.
  24. There is a good (long) discussion here about the different ways of adding fruit flavors: ...and an excellent recipe here from Josh for a Magic Hat #9 clone that calls for apricot extract at bottling time. I did this one last July and enjoyed it very much:
  25. Untappd is great, and it's not just for the "non-homemade" brews. I check in my Mr. Beer recipes on there as well. I'm on there as Jeff Newman (tons of check-ins this past Saturday, as I went to a brew fest).
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