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  1. Next up for me is... White Sail Pale Ale Mrs. O’Leary’s Cream Ale Roke IPA Day After Day IPA
  2. Is there any length of time to boil the yeast for nutrient? Or are the yeasties pretty much dead as soon as they hit the boiling water?
  3. One other question @MRB Tim with the plastic airlock are you supposed to put sanitizer in the lid or leave as is?
  4. Yea that's what I figured but had to make sure. Thanks again!
  5. I just purchased the Thunder Bay IPA 1 gallon kit and I'm looking for a little clarification about the ingredients included. The website shows and states that this recipe comes with 2 packs of DME but I only revieved 1 500g package that has "No. 2" written on it. The instructions in the kit say it just includes "DME" and not the amount of packages. So I'm asumming that maybe the other recipes might include 2 different types of DME. But this recipes only needs one of them? Not sure if I was shorted or just a mistake on the website.
  6. Pull them from the fridge and let them sit at room temp for 3 weeks and they will carb just fine.
  7. El Gordito Mexican Lager Dead & Berried Saison Winter Dark Ale Cider Refill w Raspberries
  8. @MRB Tim lol which recipes are your pet favorites?
  9. What does the "twang" taste like? Does it still taste like good beer but has a slight twang to it? The batches I get are not pleasant to drink and taste all the same. I get no malt or hop character. Everything is dominated by this off flavor. So maybe it's not "twang" for me because people have success with these recipes and so far I have not. I've done refills, basic recipes, and a bunch of PMs and they all taste the same to me. I'm at a complete loss as to what's causing my issue. I would love to go all grain but if I can't make a decent beer with extract then how can I? Lol
  10. I've used the coopers yeast, US-05 & 04. Even with US-05 I get cidery flavors and I've read it's a clean & forgiving yeast. But I've used it a handful of times and still haven't made decent beer worth drinking. It must be the extract twang....I've tried everything else. lol
  11. @Jdub I wonder the same thing, every batch I've made has some level of cider flavor to it. I've had Horse's Ass in bottles for at least 6 months now and it's not getting any better. Sticky Wicket had the least amount but it's still there. I've always pitched on the cooler side well at least around 62-68 degrees and I usually ferment around 64-66. So I honestly don't know what is causing my yeast to stress out. I'm interested in doing the 1 gallon batches with DME and seeing if that changes anything for me.
  12. Yea same here, but I started thinking that maybe I wasn't giving the water enough time in the fridge to get cold enough. I'd buy the water that day and brew that night so maybe it wasnt cold enough but idk. I'm just reaching for possibilities though. lol
  13. @Jdub oh I just meant I have to wait to condition these batches before I find out. I usually taste the cider when bottling too except the one batch I did with distilled water. I tried to pay more attention to pitching temps so we'll see.
  14. @Jdub Not yet, I have a few batches that are conditioning right now that I tried a few new things with so I should know shortly. Chantilly Lace is at it's minimum conditioning time so I just put a bottle in the fridge last night. Will find out if it's drinkable in a few days. lol
  15. I made this recipe too and I found that it was more bitter than expected. But it was also riddled with acetaldehyde. So maybe if you fermented too warm & the combo of hops turned up the bitterness idk. I think that's what happened to me. I definitely wanna try this recipe again tho.
  16. @MRB Josh R Yeah the lighting in the picture sucks. I bottled it this morning and it was like a off white color, the same color as the trub so I'm thinking it was just yeast rafts as you mentioned. I didn't even think to taste it. Thanks Josh!
  17. @dale hihn I actually didn't do a dry hop for this one. I noticed it after 10 days or so and I thought to myself it sorta just looks like yeast but never seen it look like that. So naturally I started to worry lol
  18. I know this isn't the best picture as it's through the lid of the brewmax while cold crashing. Is this an infection? I've never seen this before. I've seen stuff floating at the top before but usually drops out by the time I cold crash.
  19. Brewed mine up Saturday night, added some carapils but other than that I followed the recipe. Took about 16-17 hours to see activity and it's going strong now. I really hopes this comes out well. I've had many issues with acetaldehyde in my previous batches that don't condition out.
  20. I'm about to brew this over the weekend. Looks good! 🍻
  21. I think Tim forgot to add the Hme & lme in today's stream. lol
  22. @Jdub Same here as far as the room temps. One day it could be 62 and the next it's 75. lol
  23. @Creeps McLane I wouldn't say it's gotten worse. But then again these current batches haven't been stored that long yet. Some bottles are stronger than others but it's consistently in all my batches. I live in an apartment but I do have a storage area down in the basement. I could try conditioning them down there.
  24. I use a inkbird controller. I pitch yeast around 64-68. Lol Wolverine. Always ferment for 3 weeks then cold crash. Spigot is always clean, always pull it apart afterwards.
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