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  1. I think that most of this convo overlooked the fact that the LBK and Mr. Beer system is a way to easily identify a beer you'd like to make and have fun making it at home with minimal initial investment and relative ease. The most important part to note is: you can make great tasting beer at home! (and in quantities that don't involves cases and cases of something you might not like.)
  2. Roebuck, Do you have TSC Stores out that way? They carry Mr. Beer refills and they go on sale every couple of months. I'm in Ontario and the selection is less than Mr Beer dot com but at least theres a few stores that have a few options. (I drive to NY, USA for a stock up every once in a while)
  3. This is for any Ontario Brewers ( more specifically Halton Region). I just ordered a few things off Mr Beer dot com and I'm going to go pick it up at a warehouse in Niagara Falls NY next week-ish. If you're interested in placing an order I don't mind picking it up for you. Helps justify me driving to the falls just to get a $75USD order. Anyone interested please PM me or email at milesthedeputy at yahoo dot com
  4. I received this when I emailed the manager of the Vaughn, ON Bass Pro: Hi Miles, Unfortunately I do not have any of the Mr. Beer refill products. They have been taken out of our assortment. If I can find any further details, I shall be in touch. Regards, B___ A____ Camping Lead Bass Pro Shops Seems like they don't carry Mr. Beer anymore.
  5. I've brewed about six or seven brews in my LBK and have yet to use a cooler. I just found the cooler corner closet and all has went well so far.
  6. Has any other Mr. Beer fans (in Ontario) shopped at Bass Pro for refills? I have bought some at Kitchen Stuff Plus and TSC Stores but haven't went to Bass Pro as it's quite a hike to drive not knowing what they have. Any info would be helpful, thanks.
  7. Plus one. This summer I went as far as sending a shipment to my to-be-father-in-law at his condo in Florida to drive back for me. That's how much I wanted to get more refills.
  8. I just bottled my Belgian Spiced Christmas Ale. It spent about a month in the LBK. No problems with overflowing. Can't wait until time to drink. It conveniently will be ready when I get back from my honeymoon.
  9. First time poster. I got my first LBK just before Christmas and have made a few batches and have been enjoying the hobby of home brewing: To all my fellow Canadians: Kitchen Stuff Plus has been the only place I have been able o get new refills (without ordering online from the USA). I have found a way to save a few $$ on each refill. If you sign up for their e-newsletter they give you a 25% off coupon for any one item good for about a week after issue. The cashier gave me my coupon back today and said us it until it expires meaning if I go buy on refill everyday I keep getting the discount. Unfortunately their selection is slim being only Canadian Blonde and Oktoberfest. Also my local TSC store just put refills on their shelves. They had the North American collection (Classic American Light and Aztec Cerveza) in a twin pack and single American Lager refills.
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