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  1. That is probably the cause. I moved it upstairs as the basement is now too cold but the upstairs stays around 68 during the day. Perhaps after adding the fruit I should have moved it down to the basement for the final 9 days and that would have helped avoid my little explosion this morning. I should not have to worry about a repeat performance though, right?
  2. No, it was not fresh fruit, the canned berries provided as part of the recipe. I don't think I will have to worry about being killed. I currently have the LBK in our second bedroom closet. That is where I keep my clothes and the door is always shut, she rarely ever goes in the room and NEVER goes in the closet. Fortunately where it sits in the closet, it only got a bit on the wall and my super cheap ass dresser we are getting rid of anyhow. I have a garbage bag on floor underneath LBK so the floor was widely untouched. A few of my shirts did get hit on the bottom by some nib crustees but they wiped off, so no harm, no foul.
  3. So I added my berries last night (day 12), and everything seemed fine. Then 10 hours later right before I get up this morning I hear a pop sound from the other room. Thinking nothing of it, I proceed to start getting ready for work. I go into the room (where the sound came from, and my shower is) and I notice that the room smelled a lot like berries and chocolate. Turns out my beer went kaboom. After I found the lid (which was a bit of a search), I put it back in place ( a little loose this time), and cleaned up the mess. I know this CAN happen with fruit beers...but what exactly is the aftermath? Is my beer going to be tainted/ruined? It was only maybe 10-15 minutes after the noise that I discovered it so it was not sitting exposed to the air for too long. Is there a risk it could happen again?
  4. Well ok then, here's hoping that holds true here. I know Rick constantly throws Cold Crashing out there. Unfortunately that is just not an option for me. Our fridge is a side-by-side and the freezer is the bigger half for some stupid reason. There is just no way I can put the LBK in the fridge for any period of time that won't get me in crazy amounts of trouble with my "better" half.
  5. Ok....I think I will split the difference and go for somewhere on day 10-11 (this weekend) so that way I still get some flavor but it won't be overpowering.
  6. So Rick, you are suggesting I wait even later than the day 7 as stated in the directions? I assume that is to maybe alleviate the possibility of a blowout?
  7. Ok, just used the catchy line to get people in here to answer my questions. Anyway, so I have been....lazy....or....busy for a while and had not brewed in like 2 months. I finally got my Shiver Me Timbers rolling and added some cocao nibs to the boil as suggested by Josh. My 2 questions are as follows. 1. I had never worked with nor really seen actual cocao nibs before so I did not know what to expect when using them. I added them to the boil (commando with no sack) and let them go for a bit, after a little while when I went to pour in the extract I noticed there was still these almost seed like items floating atop the boil. Is this normal or did I buy/use bad nibs? I am concerned that when I go to bottle in a couple weeks those seed like things will become a major obstruction that will clog up the spigot. Do the yeast somehow consume these? 2. With this recipe and all the other fruit recipes, it says to puree and add the fruit 7 days after the brew start date. That date for me will be tomorrow. I am unfortunately going out of town this evening and will not be back until Friday. Should I add the fruit tonight, or wait till Friday? I mean what will the effect be if I did it earlier/later than 7 days in. I presume if I did it earlier (tonight), that may make the flavor/aroma fade a bit more as it will have sat in there longer, and if I do it late (Friday), maybe I would need to let it ferment a couple extra days to get full flavor/aroma? Any answers are appreciated. Thanks
  8. Well I have officially tried both of my accidentally over-hopped batches (Howling Red, Who's Your Heffe) and actually I have liked both. The color on the Howling Red came out darker than expected (which happens apparently), but the color on the Heffe was spot on. HR has been carbing for about 7 weeks now, I had one bottle 3 weeks ago and it was still quite heavy on the hops, this weekends bottle had mellowed a bit. My Heffe however is only 3 weeks in (as of tomorrow), but it's in 12 oz bottles so I figured I would just try one out Sunday and it came out great. The carbonation was quite impressive (almost half inch head and bubbles going for a good 30 minutes after opening). As for the taste, I don't know what the recipe tastes like when it's made "correctly", but I have to say my stupidity and inability to read properly made me a beer that I definitely plan on making again exactly how I screwed it up....but on purpose the second time. To relate, the beer ended up tasted nearly identical to Deschutes Chainbreaker, which is one of their staple's (a white IPA). It also happens to be my favorite white IPA so for me to make something on accident that ended up so close to that is great. I am super thrilled that I still have 20+ bottles of it to go. I will wait a couple weeks before digging back into it but once I do, I may quickly find myself with none left. Guess I need to get another batch going!
  9. Ohhhhh snap son, way to drop the factual knowledge up in here yo!..............................................Wow, sorry. I woke up just feeling like very "street" today. Although I did spell everything correctly, so maybe I am only kinda "street"?
  10. Ehh, I am not afraid of her....and I can say that proudly because I am at work and she is not here to slap me!
  11. Well the wife does have this "blender like" appliance she uses for making frappacino's, so maybe I will just use that when she is not looking . It will probably work better than my chopper.
  12. So my next recipe has added fruit puree in it after 1 week of fermentation. However due to an accident (may or may not involved drinking), my blender is no longer in operation. I do however have one of these http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NzA1WDcwNQ==/z/KGsAAOSwcwhVPUrR/$_35.JPG It works just fine and when I use it in cooking it does a good job of chopping up veggies. When it comes to adding my fruit puree (blackberries in this case) could this do the job or do I need to get a new blender? I eventually plan to buy a new one but I try to wait for sales on all my kitchen appliances so I can get better quality rather than just buying cheap. If my chopper is not going to give me the same result as a blender, then I guess I will just wait to brew my next batch until one.
  13. So far I have done 4 batches, I used the carbo drops on the first and have just done table sugar the last three. With this batch in the 12 oz glass bottles, I was using 3/4's tsp sugar as required. I just added sugar to all bottles at once largely because I don't have a 3/4's tsp measuring spoon and had to do a combo of a 1/2 and 1/4 tsp. Now I know I could buy the sugar measure tool from the website (maybe I will if Josh agrees to throw something else in ), but I have also considered just buying a box of sugar cubes. However I know those are equal to 1 tsp of sugar each. If I did buy cubes, would 1 tsp be too much for a 12 oz bottle? I don't see myself being able to cut off exactly 1/4th of each cube. I know they would be perfect for pint bottles and helpful for some other sizes, but if this is overdoing it on 12 oz bottles, I think I will just get the sugar measure instead since I will probably start doing a lot more of those rather than larger bottles.
  14. Yes I do also leave the sack in there while bottling and take out afterwards. However my issue still stands. The sack has swollen to a size that it does not fit thru the opening in the LBK very easily. I have to pull quite a lot to get it through.....course it is now just setting in that could have something to do with the fact that I WAY over hopped both of my hopped recipes this creating a much larger hop sack than probably would have had. Nevermind folks, nothing to see here.
  15. So last night I bottled my first 12 oz glass bottle batch. I was able to successfully fill only 21 bottles, but that's fine. I was just wondering when bottling that many bottles regardless of the size of the bottles, what is everyone's process? By which I mean, I cleaned/sanitized all my bottles first (did 23 even though I only got 21 full), then I put 3/4's tsp sugar into each, then I filled each bottle, then I capped each (and inverted a couple times). I guess I am wondering if by doing all that, I may have did more harm than good. In the extended time between adding the sugar (to a slightly wet sanitized bottle), and actually filling it, most of the sugar combined with the little water in the bottom and liquefied. I know this should not matter since batch priming has you diluting the sugar in water before adding to the batch. But I wonder primarily if by doing this, each bottle sat capless exposed to the air up to 15 or so minutes that it took me to fill them all. Moving forward with glass bottles, am I better off doing like 4-6 at a time (the complete process)? I know I won't know for sure for at least a month till I can try the beer, just thought I would see if the community suspects what I would be an issue.
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