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  1. Hey Bhob,


    I love your posts, and I am really interested in your fermentation chamber, can you post a build sheet, I would love to know what parts and materials you used.  I am contemplating a build of my own and would love some advice, maybe even what you might do differently based on current usage.


    Joe Limata




    1. Bhob


      Hi Joe,

      I sort of just put it together but I could give you a material list and basic dimensions. It depends upon what sort of tools you have on how you put it together. Honestly, if you have the room, adding the TEC to the cooler is the easiest way to go, just not as compact. The best thing about the whole project is you can forget about the ice bottles.


      The TEC elements, controller and power supply run about $60. I did have a supply failure, so I am going for a larger one (30A) that has a fan. It is not as quiet as the fanless, so I moved it out to the garage from the bedroom. I can give you order details for that stuff from ebay. The TEC fans are cheap chinese ones, so if you do care about noise then you will want to upgrade those too for about another $12 each.


      The insulation is just rigid half inch from Home Depot. You can cut it easy with a straight edge and a box cutter. (New blade mandatory!)


      It's actually so cold in my garage now that I had to add heating, but I stuck a germination heating pad to the bottom (no controller) and it now is stable at 64 degrees. That was another $17.


      The single TEC element is good for about 10 degrees below ambient so in summer depending on your house and stuff, that may not be good enough to hold 64degrees, or it will just be running all the time. I am going to upgrade to a dual TEC like I put on the ice chest version next summer. That one goes 20 degrees below ambient which is good enough for where I am fermenting.


      I used an automotive 30A relay to control the TEC's rather than running it all through the controller since it was only rated at 10A and I am planning on going to two elements. Each element takes 10A. I can give you my latest wiring diagram that minimizes noise by controlling all the fans as well as the TEC's.


      You can contact me at my regular e-mail any time. bob@setbacken.com


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