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  1. As Rick stated try screwybrewer / Northernbrewer has a good calculator. But as soon as you can I would suggest investing in that ultra expensive $10.00 LBK. I would suggest having a total of 3. That way you can start a second brew and have the other for a bottling bucket. The Ultra Expensive was sarcasm for you mods!
  2. RickBeer Note this! Me thinks Mr. Beer is about to expand their lineup. Just saying is all.
  3. Crazy beer drinking gopher! That may be a bad combination. Remember Danny -- Two wrongs don't make a right but three rights make a left.
  4. I agree with your statement that creating and having variety was ONE of the reasons that I got into brewing. Where I mildly disagree with your mild disagreement, is that the OP stated that he is a new brewer. I think it would be more in his interest to gain knowledge on a beer that he is more familiar with and enjoys before branching out. Otherwise he may end up with a 24 month old bottles of beer in his fridge that he is more apt to pitch than drink. Plus he can still build up quite a pipe line if for example he likes Pilsners, branches out into Kolsch, cream ales, and some wheat beers. Just a suggestion.
  5. Look at Gophers6 stirring the pot!
  6. If I can give you any advice it would be to initially only brew beers that you would buy a case or more of on a regular basis. I like a good stout every now and then, but to have a case on hand is not worth while to me. So if your an IPA drinker, expand your horizons in that direction. And as Rick stated take small steps to improve the quality and experience as you go along. Also High ABV does not = good beer necessarily. Stick to keeping your alcohol content within the style of beer your creating, and you almost always end up with a better product.
  7. I'm guessing someone wont have the patience to allow the beer to properly carbonate once bottled. And I'm finding Ricks one word responses highly amusing.
  8. Not sure why your bottles are not carbing properly. But a few suggestions for better results; Make sure bottles are CLEAN and free from solvents, (with the exception of a one step cleanser).Make sure bottles are dry. If you have the money buy a bottle tree, or make one from untreated lumber and doweling. Batch prime, google priming calculator. I've never had a bad result in PET or glass.Pay close attention to volume, style, and temperature. Cooler temperatures require less priming sugar, as does some styles of beer.The main reason that I do not use carbonation drops is due to the fact that it is an all purpose primer that does not take temp, style into consideration. It's not a bad product and does what its intended to do. But with minimal effort you can get better results. Another suggestion to improve your beer and experience! Buy a small digital thermometer and scale. A decent cheap one would cost you $30. Well worth the money IMO. Also pick up another LBK this will keep you pipe line flowing and while not in action works as the best bottling bucket. Hope you resolve your issues.
  9. Back to the original post. I hope your octoberfest turns out well.
  10. I did not ask for 14 points, after reading your comment it was you that said you would make a wager if Rick gave you 2 touchdowns. I never stated the quality or lack their of Michigan's team. Jake Rudock has started 25 games, so..........? My original post was that you talked smack how your angry beavers were going to upset Michigan, and I simply stated that it was humorous that you talked smack but wanted points. Correct?????????
  11. Four years into my Red Wing capper no issues. If you have the space to store a bench capper I would go with that. But if your limited on space a wing capper is the way to go.
  12. My question for Zoot is what was your impression of the beer, flavors, mouth feel, etc. I've read alot of the reviews on BeerAdvocate. Some reviewers report flavors of melon, strawberry, grape, passion fruit, pinapple and a lemon grass finish. Also almost all reviewers report a slight metallic taste. Just curious to know what your impressions are, seeing that this is not a traditional Blonde!
  13. I think he's on a mission exploring that damn dam.
  14. I love this. Talk smack then request someone spot your team 14.
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