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  1. Thanks everyone on your reply's......Now that I remember (If Right) that's what I used before. But 3/4 of a sugar drop is pretty hard to do or cut without breaking it up. So I used table sugar and it work fine. Again THANKS
  2. I asked once how much sugar to use for a 12oz bottle. I was told but never recorded the amount, So i'm asking again... Thanks for any reply
  3. I just bought another kit from Sears that was on a good sale...$20.00....I maybe made a mistake there? I opened the kit and all of the bottles etc. was there..However the kit had the american clasic but the date on the bottom of the can was: Best before 09. Apr. 2015 and it is now 07 Jun 2015..."Now MY dumb Question" Can this still be used? or should I just throw it away?......Sorry guy's but I am very new to this hobby. In two more weeks I can maybe see how my first batch turns out, it's now in the fridge waiting for the time period to be able to drink.... Again "A Big Thanlks"
  4. Well folks, I bottled my first brew....Now that is done my problem is trying to keep a constant room temp. My basement is way to cold to store the bottles there so I placed them in a ice chest and keep them up stairs in my man cave as my wife calls it. I keep watching the temp and when it looks like it's getting to warm I place a ice pack in the cooler to keep the temp around 70 degs (of course the lid is always closed when there is a lot of light in the room). Then at night when I turn on the ol air conditioner to keep the house temp around 69 degs (for sleeping) I open the lid of the cooler...I hope I'm doing it right..This brewing stuff is getting to be a science like a lap tech? Again fingers crossed......
  5. It's strange to hear the word "POPS"..My very good friend use to call me that and still do's..We were great friends in the bowling league times. He is now a long way from my home but still keep in touch... "HAPPY BREWING"...I',m waiting for my fist batch to bottle maybe on the 26th 0f this month (MAY), after testing first........Got my fingers crossed!
  6. Well I retired from Minot AFB in 1981 after 20 years. But I stayed out there working at the Bowling Center for another 14 years as the cheif machanic. then worked for Searfs here in Minot for another 13 years and then said to myself that's enough and now retired. So may have run into you somewhere out there at the base.Anyway thanks for your question..... Bill
  7. Wep, I'm very very new to this brewing hobby.I find it very interesting in all of the comments that I have found on this FAQs page supper great with all inputs of other brewers. I have just started my first batch of maybe a great beer? I did however make one mistake, but let mek explain maybe why. I'm 75 years old and sometimes I don't remember my name...HAR! anyway reading and reading the instructions I FORGOT to mix the malt and stir hard before adding the yeast....So I was scared! But to the thanks of this FAQs page..I found my answer in not to worry...I HOPE.... You may wonder why a 75 yr old would want to brew?Well I figure even after my doctors say's (you konw what he would say)..I really don't how much longer on the wonderful earth I HAVE, SO i'M going to enjoy the rest of my time and hope to make a great beer...I hope no doctors are watching? "HAPPY BREWING TO ALL"
  8. Thank You very much on your answer. Yep I'm very new to this and have been reading a lot on the subject. I have started my very first brew and I know that I maybe made a very big mistake. After saniatising I did everything up until the final mixing (I didn't do) i put the yeast in and storded it in a cool dark place have been watching it and every thing seems to be ok on the formenting. So will have to wait and see how it turns out. If i screwed up.....Will not give up and try again.
  9. Just how far in advance can you sanitise your bottels?
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