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  1. RickBeer, thanks for clearing that up. I made a batch with 2 classic American light refills and nothing else that came out really good. I was just wondering how to proceed with the larger 3.75 can. Jim Johnson, I think I'll try what you did and add some DME and split it. Thanks Guys
  2. Mr Beer HME cans are 1.87 lbs and make 2 gallons of beer. The Coopers HME cans are 3.75 lbs and make 6 gallons. My confusion is this.....1.87 is half of 3.75, but 2 gallons is one third of 6. What gives?
  3. Thanks guys, I'm glad you mentioned the yeast per volume versus per fermentables
  4. If I was to use 2 American light refills in one batch Instead of the LME or booster, should I use two packets of yeast?
  5. After bottling and carbonation is complete can I store the beer in a cool spot without refrigeration? If so, how long will it keep?
  6. Thanks for the info. I just tasted the first brew. Not bad, a little week in flavor. I bought two deluxe refills. Do you know which beer comes with the kit?
  7. Using less water

  8. My first brew from the kit is in carbonation stage. I'd like to take advantage of the sale so I'm looking for a refill. Do I need carbonation tablets or can I use household sugar? Is the deluxe refill better than standard?
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