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  1. Do to a busy schedule, I wasn't able to get my Pumpkin Pie Spice Milk Stout bottled on schedule. I was planning on bottling after 3 weeks August 15, well it wound up being 4 weeks August 22. The final gravity wound up at 1.018, the taste from the sample pull was flat as expected and the color was dark almost black. I'm planning on letting this age in the bottles till Mid October. While I don't think the extra week in the LBK caused any harm, I just wanted an opinion from the more seasoned brewers. On aside note: The Helles Bock came out a nice clear golden color with a great flavor and body. Although I tend to the dark side when it comes to brews. I'm really enjoying the Helles.
  2. Redneck Wine - 1 gallon of (Welch's) purple grape juice - 1 pound of cane sugar - 1 packet bread yeast, ferment for a month, transfer to mason jars and let sit another month, then drink away. My cellar is filling up with fermenting beverages what with all the Beer, Mead and "Wine". I've got friends an family asking me if what I'm making is legal I should get the Diablo IPA and brew it up.
  3. I've been accused of being to patient. The reps at my LHBS can't believe I ferment for 3 weeks, carb for 4 weeks then chill for 3 days.My last bottle of Oktoberfest was in the fridge for 2 weeks before I drank it. Most of my ready to drink beer is sitting in a cool dark place in the cellar aging.
  4. There in lies the confusion. You didn't mention the additional fermenter, I've done that in a thread too. The way the first post is written, I thought you were just using the LBK. Table sugar is great for making Redneck wine, not so much for beer.
  5. Quick fermentation Chiller. If you have a cooler, fill a couple soda bottles with water and freeze them. Put your LBK into the cooler with one ice bottle sitting inside the cooler. Swap out the ice bottles as needed. A 20 oz bottle should be enough to keep the ambient temperature cool but not cold. You can add or remove more bottles if needed. Here's a video for a DIY Fermentation Chiller:
  6. My Helles Bock will be 4 weeks in the bottle tomorrow. I'm going to open one up and see how it has come out. On another note, I got a face full of beer, I grabbed a room temp (62*) bottle of my Irish Red and opened it up. Beer came out of the bottle like there was no tomorrow. It looked like Old Faithful in my kitchen. There was beer on the ceiling, the floor and walls, nothing left in the bottle. I must have used a little more than 3/4 of a Coopers Priming drop on that one. Now everything goes in the fridge before opening.
  7. The thread has gotten way off topic. The title is incorrect. It should read Pumpkin Pie Spice Milk Stout. No Pumpkins were harmed in the making of this stout. It's just the Pie Spices and Lactose Sugar added to St. Patrick's Irish Stout.
  8. Go for 2 batches. Have fun and brew away
  9. Make sure that you use the correct portion for the carb drops if you decide to go that route. I experience the Old Faithful of Beer Geysers last night. When I open a bottle of my Irish Red foam shot straight up. I had beer dripping from the ceiling and foam all over the floor. When the geyser finally stopped there was about an ounce (1 shot) of beer left in the bottle. At least the dogs got to enjoy the beer
  10. Good to know. I'm really looking forward to drinking this. It was my first All Grain attempt.
  11. I had an all grain batch fermenting in one of my LBKs. I discovered beer leaking from the spigot, it was two weeks into fermentation at this point. Not wanting to lose anymore beer I decided to bottle the beer and discovered the spigot was broken inside the keg. I managed to prep a sugar solution (priming sugar and warm water) and transferred the beer to a bottling bucket. I estimate I lost more or less 1.5 to 2 liters of beer. My concern is the fact that the leak started at some point on July 19, the day I discovered the leak, so infection is a concern. Thoughts on this? Other notes on the batch: Starting gravity was 1.054, on the day of the incident I managed to take a sample from the LBK for testing Final Gravity was 1.010. I also managed to get a taste of the brew. Although flat as expected, the over all taste was outstanding. If I have indeed managed to save this batch, it will be the best tasting beer that I've brewed other than the Oktoberfest. I really don't have anything to compare it to as most my batches are still conditioning. My other two completed batches Czech Pilsner - Under carbed (Yes, RB you were right) and week Irish Red - Not so red, more of a brown hoppy ale
  12. There are 2 gallon ball lock kegs available, that would be far better for kegging a Mr. Beer batch
  13. I shop at to Home Brew Stores, 1st is located in North Brunswick, NJ the other in West Chester PA. The owners at both locations have been extremely supportive of my brewing efforts. Both locations know I brew with a Mr. Beer Kit and give pointers as well as help me with recipes for the little fermenter.
  14. Same here. The bottling wand makes filling the bottles alot easier.
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