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  1. Thanks. The sticker has consistently shown it's between 50 & 67 since I brewed it Monday night. I'm going to therefore remain hopeful that it'll be OK.
  2. Thanks Rick. You're absolutely right - I went into this recipe not fully prepared for various reasons. It's been hard to find a thermometer strip at local pet stores that go below 64. I do have the Mr. Beer one and it has the range between 50 & 67. Do you know that if it was *below* that would the strip simply not indicate anything? Anyway, temperature here for the next 5-10 days is typical winter weather for January in Fredericksburg - lows at night in 30s, highs during the day in 50s, sometimes low 60s so I'm hoping in the garage in the cooler it'll stay in the 50-60 range.
  3. Thank you Shrike. I brewed it Monday night and have had it in my garage since then in an empty cooler - but I suspect the temperature has been around 50. Do you think that will be too cold to ferment? Should I just bring it in side the house and keep it in the low 60s? Is it too late to salvage...??
  4. Thank you. Any recommendations on what local stores may have a strip on thermometer that goes below 60?
  5. The instructions for this recipe indicate to ferment between 53 & 59 degrees -- does anyone know what would happen if kept at a slightly higher recommendation such as between 60 & 64? Kevin
  6. Thanks again. Tried it out tonight w/ 1 oz o Willamette at boil and 1/2 cup maltodextrin. Just hoping for a more solid brew than the first time I tried it. Kevin
  7. Thanks for your response. I'm just trying to add flavor/aroma a little bit of the regular refill. I brewed it once before and it didn't have much character to it. Kevin
  8. I'm planning on brewing the standard Mr. Beer Czech Pilsner refill tomorrow and I have three hops on hand: Cluster, Williamette and Galena. Would any of these be worth adding? Kevin
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'm still just brewing with the refills and the LBK. I will read some of the recipes to get a better starting point. Thanks, Kevin
  10. Any suggestions using the LBK w/ one of the basic refills. I was thinking the St. Patrick's stout adding some chocolate and maybe marshmallow fluff or a marshmallow syrup/flavoring at bottling. Something along these lines... Kevin
  11. Kevin Caffrey


    Just some pictures of the beers I've brewed so far using the Mr. Beer LBK.
  12. Anyone have a recommendation for a Smores recipe? Kevin
  13. Yup, a little less than a teaspoon seems to work best for me. Kevin
  14. Thanks - that's what I was thinking. It's a one pound bag so I was figuring I'd split it up between two batches. Kevin
  15. Picked this up today and was hoping to use it with two basic recipes. The first one would be a Pumpkin Spiced Lager: -Oktoberfest refill -8oz of the extract -6 oz pumpkin puree 1/2 orange zest 1/2 tsp cinnamon And the other would literally just be adding it when making the basic Oktoberfest refill. This is the Plain Amber extract Color 8 Lovibond so I'm thinking it will work OK with these. And to confirm - only about 8 oz should be used for the LBK 2 gallon batch, correct? Kevin
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