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  1. yea that stinks cowboy, I have never batch primed yet, I have only been brewing for about 2 months now at some point I will though
  2. cowboy kyle, i used 3/4 tsp of regular fine white cane sugar in a 12 oz bottle and mine had a nice head on it, but not insane like yours. Mine turned out really good I was worried about it.. I use this quick measure tool from mr beer http://www.mrbeer.com/sugar-measure
  3. anyone else try their beer yet other then me?
  4. Pedro, I am new to mr beer and like Rick said dont worry about it being cloudy, once i bottled mine with the sugar they all seem to clear up in about 3-4 days. I leave mine in the LBK for 3 weeks, bottled 3-4 weeks and then in the fridge a few days to chill before I drink them. I have had all batches turn out really good. I too have the bewitched amber ale but havent brewed it yet, maybe that will be next for me?!?!
  5. OK, I got super anxious and cracked one of these open tonight to share with my dad for fathers day. The brew has only been bottled for 8 days and it was already carbonated nice and tasted flat out awesome!!! I cant wait to see how much better on July 4th this is! Thank you MR BEER you ROCK!!!!
  6. i am using the lbk. is there any prehopped malts that would get me close or in the range of this flavor? i am not looking for exact but sometjing pretty close. i have the storage space to have it age as well.
  7. I love Troegs Mad Elf beer and I have found a brew store that has a recipe for it that tastes VERY close to it, but I am new to brewing and still getting my feet wet with Mr beer and was wondering if anyone would be able to possibly translate this into Mr Beer products/laymans terms for me thanks! Please keep in mind this recipe is for a 5 gallon batch. 1 lb – Munich Malt 3 oz – Chocolate Malt 7 lb – Light LME 3 lb- Pilsen dry malt extract 2 oz- Saaz (bittering 60 min. boil) (10 HBU) 2 lb – Honey (last 15 min) 2 lb – sweet cherries (last 15 min) 2 lb – sour cherries ( last 15 min) 1 oz- Hallertau (last 2 min) WL 550 Trappist Ale yeast or Safbrew T-58
  8. the instructions say add the hops in after it boils/removed from heat, as for the fermenting it states online to ferment for 2 weeks on the instructions tab
  9. When i put the hops in, do i leave the hops/hod muslin sack in the fermenter keg for the 2 weeks or do i take it out before i put the wort in? Thanks guys!
  10. I bottled mine yesterday Nick, tasted good out of the fermenter as well, i agree, hope mine is good by 4th of July, hoping to celebrate with this ale!
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the responses, I just ordered the kit yesterday so as soon as I get it, this will be the next batch I do.
  12. 1-2 oz with each bottle of 1-2 oz in the LBK before I bottle? Sorry I just started with Mr Beer so please bear in mind if my questions seem dumb. thanks Josh!
  13. I have just purchased this recipe, is there anyway to get more raspberry flavor to it? Alot of the people I know tend to like ALOT of fruit flavor in the beer. Any ideas on how to pump up the raspberry flavor? Thanks guys!
  14. Im about 30 minutes from Philly, bottled my first apple cider batch a bit ago waiting on it to condition now.
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