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  1. Both of those are good beers. Hope this works out for you! FYI... they both get better with additional conditioning. I kept back a bottle of Octoberfest that I brewed last December until last week.... I sure wish I'd held a lot more back. Patience is a virtue for the home brewer and is normally something the new brewer lacks.... I'm getting much better than I was 9 mos ago.
  2. Thanks Bill, that's what I figured. I'm trying to get up a good stock of beer, which I'm on a good track to doing so, but I'm finding I can't keep up with the bottling. This is why I went to the 5L mini-kegs. Those cost around $18-20 ea. I can get 3 gal cornies for $40. I could just use the mini's but the second keg would only be half full from a batch in my LBKs. I'm just tossing this idea around right now, but I need to make a decision soonish as I'm bottling my latest batch today and brewing my next. Next week I have 3 bottling days coming up and won't have anything to put the beer in.... so, it's either order $60 in bottles, or 3 cornies ($120) or 6 minis ($120) or drink a butt load of Grolsh. Space is becoming an issue as well.
  3. Slym.... they all have my labels on them and they're a bitch to get off! Rick, a 16g cart has enough CO2 in it to force carb and also push the beer after? Johnny D
  4. Thinking of putting my 2 gal LBK batches in 3 gallon kegs. I'm making too much beer to keep up with in bottles. Question: Do I still have to prime w/ sugar or can I force carb? I plan on using 16g CO2 carts to push the beer.
  5. There is a link on the Mr Beer site that takes you to Stickeryou.com where you can design your own label. I've ordered many from them. Good quality and supposedly removable, though I haven't tried that yet. In my side pic you can see one. They are water proof. http://www.mrbeer.com/custom-beer-labels
  6. UV is bad for any single cell organism.
  7. None. I'll never get the bottles back and if I do they'll probably be ripe with fuzzy growth. My friends and I have a regular poker game and basketball watch parties, there are plenty of opportunities for me to share my product and they are thankful for the gesture. I thank that's fair.
  8. Andre, you may be the only other person I know who knows who Jupiter Jones is! For the rest I'll cut and past a short description here. They were great books as a kid. I checked out every one our small town library owned. "The investigators were typically introduced to a mystery by a client or by finding something unusual accidentally in the scrapyard of Jupiter's Uncle Titus Jones and Aunt Mathilda, who had a salvage business. The boys encountered baffling, sometimes misleading clues and danger before finally solving the mystery. The series had one major theme: however strange, mystical, or even supernatural a particular phenomenon may seem at first, it is capable of being traced to human agency with the determined application of reason and logic. Most mysteries were solved by Jupiter Jones, a supreme logician who implicitly used the Occam's Razor principle: that the simplest and most rational explanation should be preferred to an explanation which requires additional assumptions. The boys were able to solve their mysteries with relatively few resources: they generally had little more than a telephone, bicycles, access to a library and - with reference to the Hollywood setting of the series - a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce (which Jupiter wins the use of in the first book)."
  9. Ok, well I didn't wait for a response... I went fishing. I have a telescopic magnetic retrieval device, but instead of sanitizing it I wrapped it in a plastic bag and sanitized that. So let me tell you a story... The keg had decent pressure built up already. I really started to reconsider this whole charade, but was able to get the bung out... upon when the center portion of the bung popped into the keg... hmmm. Definitely not getting that out with magnetized anything. I thought, oh well.... it's supposed to be in the beer during tapping so it's not going to hurt anything. More fishing. Then it occurred to me that I'm bottling the day after tomorrow.... I only have one keg left and one bung and now I have half a bung in my current keg of beer. I don't live near any brewing stores... I could probably beg on the local home brewers FB page for a spare.... but then I decided on a different route. I decided to transfer the beer to the unused keg, fish out the parts that had been dropped in this keg, wash it and use it for the bottling/kegging on Saturday. I transferred the beer without much issue to the second keg. Decent amount of foaming but not enough to escape the keg. I added 1/2 t. more sugar to replace the carbonation I had lost... not sure that was needed or necessary... but I did it anyway. Put in the bung and viola, all's well. Except..... the wand tip had come apart into it's three separate parts... which it's supposed to. That's how you clean it. I rinsed the now dirty keg with warm water. The black plastic trigger part came out first, really easy. The spring came out on the next rinse. The bung piece came out on the next rinse. Then the plastic housing for the wand.... well, didn't. This piece is quite a bit longer than the diameter of the bung hole (shaddup). So, after about 10 rinses it finally came out. A decent amount of sludge came out of the original keg when I rinsed it, I'm hoping the remainder carb's ok... we'll see. End of story.... beer's in it's new unsullied home. I have the required keg and bung to complete my kegging on Saturday. I think it's time for a beer. Cheers, Johnny D
  10. It's just my style... but no, Encyclopedia Brown and a Hitchcock spin off call The Three Investigators.
  11. It has a spring. I only received the wand in the mail a few days ago. Not having had one before I don't know if it's the newer or older version. I'd assume the newer one? It never occurred to me to us a magnetic retreval tool, one of which I have.... (don't ask, that's a story to be told during a post titled "The Frugal DIYer and the Screwdriver Down the Vent Pipe" post). I mean this is a saison and will have to condition until nearly New Year's Eve (which is why I brewed it). Metal oxidation does require oxygen (won't be any) and moisture (plenty), but if it's gonna rust, it'll have plenty of time. Do you think this is the route I should go?
  12. So, word to the wise: A bottling wand is just that... a wand meant to use whilst bottling. Even though it is long enough to find the bottom of a 5L mini-keg, one shouldn't just assume it's a good idea to use said wand in such an application. The tip of the wand came off as I pulled it out of the keg. It's meant to come apart to clean and the outside ridge of the tip met the inside lip of the keg opening an viola.... the tip is in the keg of Saison where it will stay until December. I'm just going to blindly assume this will not effect my beer in the least and not one of you will tell me different or I'll cry. Actually I won't, I'll just drink the beer by myself huddled in the basement after waiting nearly 7 mos to taste it! Bottling Wands are for Bottles! Cheers, Johnny D
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