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  1. Getting ready to bottle my first batch in awhile and have found that I've lost the polypropylene tube for the bottling wand. My kits are all old and I only have the side to side taps. Was wondering if anyone knows the specs for the tube. I was thinking that I could visit a pet store (aquarium tubing) to replace. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx. Best, Zoot
  2. Hello again, It's been quite a while since I posted. Haven't brewed in a few years (just too damned hard to control temps at my old Santee CA residence). Well, moved up to WA last year and really have no excuse not to give homebrewing another spin. Ordered a couple of recipes and broke out my old kits. Instructions for brewing now indicate that liquid levels should be set at Mark 1 and then filled to Mark 2 level on LBKs. My old LBK's still have the old quarts/liter markings so, I'm curious...can I still use my kits? What is the equivalence between the old markings and the new? Thanks for any help. Best, Zoot
  3. Gotta can of CAL and a pack of SMOOTH LME lying around. I'm bored and wonder what it might taste like for a semi-bastard brew. Anyone tried this combo? Best, Zoot
  4. Surly Dog IPA. I don't quite have all the ingredients. The recipe calls for 2 cans of American Ale HME; I'm short 1 can. So, I figure maybe it's no big deal. I'll just use the one can and pad it out with some LME. I was wondering what would be a good choice. Maybe Pale? Other than the obvious fact that my ABV will be lower, I don't want a weak, anemic brew. Should I add more hops? Or maybe two packs of LME? The recipe already adds an ounce and a half of two different kinds of hops. And then I worry about the conditioning time and etc, etc, etc.....Geez, maybe I should take up stamp collecting as a hobby. Anyway, I should be okay with one can of HME and a pack of LME. Right? Right? Seriously, any advice would be appreciated. Best, Zoot
  5. Okay, now this is the giggity!! Thank you Cowboykyle for the hot flash lowdown on this Baby Bock caper. Diacetyl rest? Look here, I'm no Muldoon, I'll sleep when I'm dead. Now let's hope I don't screw it up or it's a one way ticket to Palookaville. Best, Zoot
  6. Thanks scouterbill, It's good to be brewing again. Nothing like a few bubbling LBK's to make the winter seem warmer. Best, Zoot
  7. So...New Year, New Brews. My loving and devoted bag of guts went out and ordered me a few Mr. Beer recipes for Xmas. I'm excited because I haven't brewed since October. (Pumpkin Rising, as a matter of fact...turned out okay. Pumpkin spice is not really my thing and, as usual, the beer was as dark as a stout.) I got all hot and bothered about brewing the Baby Got Bock recipe that she ordered (lotsa stuff to mix together on this one), then I read the instructions and my excitement kinda fizzed out. A "true lager" it said. This translates into somehow I'm supposed to keep this stuff sitting at 55F for up to four months before drinking . Or do I? Is the 55 degree temp requirement just until the lager has carbed or for the whole conditioning period? I've mastered the art of using a camping cooler to keep temperatures constant during fermentation but, I really don't want to babysit 11 bottles of beer with ice packs for almost half a year. My question is, once the pet bottles carb fully and firm up, can I stop worrying about the temperature and just store them like other brews? Best, Zoot
  8. What the heck? I've got to upload some pictures but all, and I do mean, ALL of my batches have been darker than illustrated. My Camilla's Folly looks just like a stout? My Voodoo is so dark that I can't see a flashlight shined through the glass. I first noticed this last winter when I brewed a batch of Bewitched Amber Ale. What gives? I promise you all that I'm following the directions for brewing and conditioning. I will post some pics shortly, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem? All dates on HME's all where within the best used by date. Best, Zoot
  9. Cracked a bottle of VooDoo that I bottled early August. I know it's too soon for a fully conditioned experience but, I must say, it tasted good to me. For once there were no cider notes and the brown sugar in the recipe came through without overpowering everything else.Carbonation was right on the mark as well. I must give credit to everyone on this board for providing support and encouragement. I have been on the fence about continuing this hobby but this batch has made me feel that I can do this. Once again, many thanks to all you who have advised and remained calm during my rants Best, Zoot
  10. It's finally time to bottle this batch. I've cold crashed in the refrigerator for 3 days after a 21 day fermentation. Although I've tilted the LBK back away from the spigot to keep the trub from clogging up the works during bottling; I still have a huge sack of hops floating on top. What do you guys do when you have a hop sack to deal with? I was thinking about plucking it out with a sterilized set of tongs before beginning the bottling or just leaving it and using a small strainer to keep the spigot clean. Any tips? Best, Zoot
  11. Well Slym.... in a word,nope. (hangs head in shame). Just dashed off a few sentences before engaging in real life over the weekend. So this morning, I did the search and "maybe" a recipe is on Pinterest.(I don't have or want an account) Nickfixit and I'll Drink That had some great input....many thanks, guys. I'll probably cobble something together based upon those posts. Last of all, please allow me to beg forgiveness for my torpid neglect in following the accepted rules and regulations adhered to by the beer borg community. Best, Zoot
  12. Twisted Manzanita, which is a local brewery in my hometown of Santee CA, makes a fantastic blonde ale....Riverwalk Blonde. It can be purchased at the local Sprouts market or BEVMO. I could drink this stuff everyday but, the high price tag in those stores makes it a special occasion quaff. So now that I'm a Mr. Beer homebrewer and have been assimilated by the Borg, I have decided to lean upon my brethren of the brew for a little help. If anybody out there is familiar with this brew and has attempted to duplicate it, I would be grateful if a recipe could be posted. Link will take you to a description of said beer. BTW the picture is of Mission Dam. This was the first dam built in California and was used to provide water for the Mission San Diego de Alcala. This mission is the first that Junipero Serra built of the twenty one missions that follow the coast of California from San Diego to Sonoma. It's a ten minute walk to the dam from my house and I spend a considerable amount of my time roaming and photographing Mission Trails Park throughout the year. http://www.twistedmanzanita.com/our_beer/riverwalk-blond-ale/ Best, Zoot
  13. In an effort to get to the bottom of this mystery, I looked closely at my last six bottles of homebrew. I think that I may have found the answer. Andre seems to have hit the nail on the headspace. Most of the bottles look to have about an inch and a half up to two inches of headspace. Damn, I've looked at some pictures on the web of homebrew but, most show beer in glass bottles which will not contract during chilling. It's all that I've got folks; no doubt, the Pet bottles contract in the refrigerator. I'll bottle my next batch with the wand and fill to the top before removing. Maybe that will help. Best, Zoot
  14. I use an unscented hand soap dilution with a bottle brush. The soap is from Whole Foods. I then rinse several times with warm water. After cleaning, I dissolve 1/2 packet of no rinse sanitizing cleaner into 1 gal of warm water. Per instructions. All bottles and caps are the 740 ml ones that come from the Mr. Beer kits. Best, Zoot
  15. Caps were new and twisted down very tight (wife can't open them by herself). Bottles and caps cleaned and sanitized. Correct sugar added to bottle (2 carbo drops per 740 ml bottle) and gently upended a couple of times before storage. Conditioned in a dark space with minimal disturbance going on eight weeks at an average of 80 degrees. Doesn't matter, bottles go into fridge rock hard and within half a day I can squeeze up to half an inch into bottles. By the time I'm ready to pour....48 to 72 hours(per forum advice) the stuff is flat. This has happened to all six of the batches that I've brewed. Best, Zoot
  16. In addition to all my other brewing issues, there's this....I put a rock hard PET bottle of conditioned beer in the fridge and within 12 hours there is a noticeable softness to the bottle when squeezed. Of course, by the second day, it pours out flat with no head. Due to the summer heat, I'm storing my beer in my spare bathroom shower as it has the most stable temp in the house. It's about 80 degrees. And I have been conditioning my latest batches for about seven weeks. What gives here? Best, Zoot
  17. Hey Metalhead, how did it go with adding the pumpkin puree? Best, Zoot
  18. Hey Andre. Sorry I took a while to respond. I'm a real novice when it comes to brewing myself. I'm enjoying the hobby though. One day soon, I hope to have something that I would really like to share with someone other than my family. Just not there yet. Have never been to the Societé Brewing Company but it looks cool and I'll no doubt darken it's doorway soon.. Out here in East County, we have a few micro-breweries that are worth checking out. Maybe better when it cools down in the Fall though. Hey thanks for the link to the Guild. Keep in touch, you always seem to have well thought out responses and hopefully we'll both stay with this hobby long enough to justify a meet and greet in the future. Best, Zoot
  19. Last Halloween someone squashed my pumpkin and ran....was it you Squeegee3? Best, Zoot
  20. Gosh wvu1989, now that I know that I've got minions reading my posts, I guess that I'll just have to press forward. Best, Zoot
  21. ytownmetalhead is just doing what the recipe calls for. He is baking 10 oz of Pumpkin Puree to caramelize the sugars. Once the pumpkin has cooled, I guess that you would spoon it gently into the LBK. Hope so....I'll be brewing this recipe in a few weeks. Best, Zoot
  22. It seems right to me to just lay it on top. After all I'm sure that with all the yeast in suspension they will find the sugars and start doing their thing. And I don't think that I would want to stir the wort up and disturb the trub. Oh and yeah, I'm gonna use pumpkin pie spice too. Best, Zoot
  23. Have you cooked the pumpkin puree first? I'm going to follow this post if you keep up with it because this will be my next brew. Looking to have something fun ready for the holidays. Best, Zoot
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