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  1. Can I assume that when a kit says Pilsner that it is a lager yeast? Sometimes the kits don't say what kind of yeast is used and the description doesn't tell me much. Right now I have two weeks in the keg with the Czech Pilsner. Then next one ion my list is the Aztec Mexican Cerveza. Is that also a lager yeast? If I were to get an Ale next would the temp requirements be any different? I would like to try an Ale next but I'm unsure of the temps. Hopefully this batch won't be to bad because I have had some fluctuations. I hit a low of 55 and for a short time a high of 68. Most of the time it's been in the 58 - 62 range. My plan is to do 3-2-1. Keg-bottle-frig. Does that sound about right for the kind that I'm doing? Thanks for any help... John
  2. It's been a week now since I closed the little keg. I can see into it with a flashlight and the foam is gone and has been for a couple of days. In reading all the posts I thought that the first week or so the wort would be warm and more difficult to cool. Until the foam disappeared the temps would fluctuate between 58 and 65. Most of the time at the low end. Not that it's settled down it seems to be heating up. Where before the same amount of ice would keep it a 58-62 now keeps it at 65. I guess 65 is OK but I'm just wondering why. Is the temp really critical now? Am I OK with a 62 - 68 fluctuation? Thanks for all the help...
  3. My problem is that when I add a bag of ice to the cooler the temp drops to 55 - 59. When I take it out the temp will rise to the mid 60's or higher. I left the ice out and the lid off for about 5 hours today and the temp was 68. I don't have a stick on thermometer. What I'm using is a remote. The kind you would use for meat or BBQ'ing. I have the sending unit leaning against the keg so I'm probably getting air temp more than wort temp. The fluctuations are usually from 56 - 66. I put an icepack in last night and this AM it was 57. It does seem to be foaming a bit but I don't know how much it should be. I would rather have it slow than fast but I don't know if the yeast dies when it gets to cold or just slows down. My cooler is a small Styrofoam ice chest. It will hold the keg if I put it in diagonally. I usually put the ice, it's in a baggy and wrapped in a towel, on the lid. If I put it down the temp drops too much. It's been about 30 hours now since I put it in the cooler. About 40 or so years ago I made some beer and just kept the carboy in the bathtub with cold water surrounding it and that worked well. That's not a option now. It came out great but that was the last time I made beer until yesterday. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... Thank you...
  4. Thank you very much for the suggestions. You folks are great. I'm the only one in my house who drinks so it will probably take me a while to get through my first batch. I also want to try making wine one of those days.
  5. Thank you... I tend to prefer lower alcohol beers because I like the taste and if the Alcohol is to high I can't drink as much. But I was curious and I really appreciate the information.
  6. I got my kit yesterday and today I did the first Czech pilsner batch. In reading through the forums I didn't find this so I'm curious. I see where some people want to add different fruit flavorings to their beer an or increase the alcohol content. I personally prefer the taste of beer w/o the other flavorings and I'm quite happy with 3.5 or 4% but it did get me to thinking. If I wanted an orange flavored beer with a higher alcohol could I add orange flavored vodka? Could I just add vodka to increase the alcohol content? If so when would I add these? Would it kill the beer yeast? Give it an off flavor? If I wanted a higher alcohol content could I get it by adding sugar? What kind if so and when would I add it? Just curious.. Thanks for any info.
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