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  1. Well, the wort is in the LBK now. I patiently await the long fermentation process. That brings me to my next question for the experts (anybody with more experience than me, lol). I've read fermentation takes one to two months. My LBK will sitting in a cooler at about 72 -75 degrees. What do you recommend the time to be?
  2. Silly question as I just got my Voodoo kit and plan to mix it this coming Sunday . . . Light or dark brown sugar. Does it make any difference?
  3. Thanks Johnny D for the link. I do plan in using it in the near future.
  4. Allow me to chime in here too. I too, got the LBK kit for fathers day. It was a very nice surprise. I brewed the American Ale Light that came with it that same morning. I have a small galley style kitchen, and really didn't have any problems with space. Pouring the wort into the LBK wasn't much of a problem given the wide mouth of the LBK. I used a small pot to boil the water in. As for storage, I placed my LBK in a cooler, then placed the cooler in my closet. My house has central air, and we keep the temperature between 72 -75 degrees. I just bottled my batch a while ago, that was waiting three weeks of waiting to do that. Those bottles got the supplied labels applied, and those went back into the cooler and closet for carbonation . . . . and more waiting.
  5. The guy who gave me his kit did state that he could not leave his LBK alone and that he ruined his first and only batch. He never went back. So after the Mrs. comes home, checking about placing an order for another recipe kit and hopefully getting the second batch under way sooner rather than later.
  6. Ahhh. Good video selections. I laughed out loud when I saw what they were. Thinking about adding a hydrometer to my next purchase. Thank you much.
  7. My family gave me the LBK kit for Father's Day. An hour after getting it, I was in the kitchen making the American Ale that came with it. Patience is not one of my strong suits, but after mixing the HME with the water, I put the LBK in a cooler and let the yeast do its work. I was disappointed to learn that it takes so darn long to brew beer. My original plan to brew 2 weeks before bottling and carbonation. I read somewhere that someone popped the bottoms of his bottles, and in the responses I thought I read that 3 a week brew time can make sure the yeast has done its job and minimize the chance of bottle pop out during carbonation. Is this true/necessary? Now for my good luck. After I got the kit, I took a picture of the kit and immediately posted it on FB with the caption "Now that's a Father's Day present!" One of my "friends" was cleaning house and came across her husband's LBK and bottles. They asked me if I would like to have them. YES! Now what to brew in it? Open to suggestions.
  8. Well . . . . A day late and dollar short. Got the LBK kit this AM for Father's Day. Going to start up brewing shortly. Shall we compare notes?
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