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  1. Gotcha. I meant "you" gotta ask for 14 if you're me (or the fan of a bad team). As it turns out Vegas has it at 14....I wasn't sure what it would be a few weeks back. Anyway....more so, having fun with the fact that my team is playing Rick's for maybe the first time in 40-50 years.
  2. I'll drink that, You have to ask for 14 pts when your team was bad last year, last 9 defensive starters, and doesn't have a QB that's taken a college snap. Right??
  3. I was really hoping that the Oktoberfest would be done in tim (9/12) to watch my Beavers upset Michigan at The Big House. Oh, well. Okay....if Rick will give me 2 TDs we cam make a wager.
  4. I was able drink my first batch (Czech Pils put down 6/26). I'm happy to say that it was better than drinkable. It tasted great. Now, 4 more weeks until the Oktoberfest is done.
  5. I bought amber flip tops at a home-brew store and would like to bottle my Oktofest LBK any time now. I'm honestly not sure if the bottle are 16 oz.....they look a bit larger. Does it matter how much sugar I put in to distribute amongst 12 bottles (that are about 16 oz.)? 2 teaspoons ? 2.5 teaspoons? Should I just use 11 bottles? Thanks!!
  6. Haha! Unreal Rick! PS I'll send you a liter if your Wolverines can cover the spread when my mighty (and rebuilding) Oregon State Beavers come to The Big House week 2!
  7. Just checked the temp on my batch of Oktoberfest in LBK and noticed an odd shape. Realized that the plastic ring from around the neck of gallon water jug (which I used to fill the remaining way up to 8.5) had fallen in the LBK. It'd been in there for 3 hours. I quickly used some sanitizer on some tongs and retrieved it. Chances I've ruined the batch.....? Bonehead move on batch #2 of my career.
  8. I was lucky enough to receive two Okto-fest refills as gifts. Double batch or save one for later? (Both plenty of best by date left)
  9. My first batch (Czech Pils) is in day two of cold crashing. I tasted a bit at 3 weeks and it was pretty sweet/green apple flavored. Realizing that in those 21 days I had 2 warm days (no cooler yet) and 6-7 cold days (in cooler with too many ice bottles), I followed The Rick's advice to leave it in the LBK fermenting for an extra week. Tasted it Sunday....much better; it tasted like beer. So I'll be bottling it tomorrow night in 750ml PET bottles (using the provided carb drops for my first batch). For the 4 weeks carb/cond. I'm assuming I should use my cooler with ice water bottles (same temp/system as I fermented). My Okto-fest just arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm eager to get it down in the LBk. I'd appreciate any more bottling and/or conditioning/carb advice.
  10. Day 21 Czech Pilsner today....and I was about to cold crash, but before doing so, I sampled a small amount. It looks fine, but definitely tasted sweet or apple-ish....almost like wine. Any advice? I put it back in the cooler. This is my first batch and I had some minor issues (see below) with temps. Day 1-2 (probably a bit warm....cupboard above fridge in AC'd condo) Day 3-12 (in cooler, rotating 2 iced bottles....no temp strip yet, so I'm afraid we were 59-62 degrees) Day 13-21 (in cooler, bought a temp strip and kept it 67-71)
  11. Thanks, Andre. Very helpful breakdown. Can you give me a quick cold crashing instruction please? Thanks again! PS Monday is 21 days in the LBK, but I'm tempted to bottle it today or tomorrow......Monday isn't the best day. So, 19 days okay....?
  12. Josh....if someone were going to put two cans of refill into one LBK....still used the same amount of water? thanks!
  13. Thanks mafifer. I missed that sale....ordered on Sunday. Appreciate the heads-up!
  14. Thanks, all! Dave....should I wash first? Machine or hand? Thanks!
  15. So, Sunday will be 3 full weeks in LBK (in a cooler with iced bottle from day 2-21, pretty consistently at 63-69). I have the 750 mil PET bottles and the pack of carbonation drops that came with my kit. Questions/assumptions: 1) Sterilize the PET bottles and caps using the remaining half pack of sanitizer. 2) Put the carbo drops (2/bottle) in before or after filling the bottles? 3) Put back in the cooler for 4 weeks (or elsewhere)? Keep at the same temp. for conditioning as I did for fermenting? Thanks!! E PS debating buying 12 glass swing tops at local shop for $21.95 or doing today's sale on 12 more 750ml PETs for $9.99 + SH. Thoughts?
  16. Okay, friends.....I'm ordering my next refill (2nd batch). My favorite beers are Ambers (Alaskan and Fat Tire), love the malty flavors, and really don't care for bitterness/hoppyness. Which is my best play? Bewitched Amber OR Oktoberfest Deluxe refill (I've read the descriptions, etc....but value the opinion of those of you who have brewed them more). Thanks!
  17. I was told to put it on the temp strip on lower half of the LBK. Is it okay that (in order to check the temp) I'm picking the LBK up out of the cooler in order to see the temp strip (2-3 times a day until I've got the timing and size of ice bottle dialed-in)? In other words, is the brief lifting/moving going to harm the process? Thanks in advance!
  18. Thanks, Josh! Do you think the batch will still be okay...assuming it has been at that temp from day 2-9?
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