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  1. Checking in.....day 9 in the LBK. Following everyone's advice, I got it out of cupboard and into a cooler (rotating iced water bottles) on day 2. I just got a temp strip today and it's reading 59-63 degrees. Is that too cold? Thanks!!
  2. Had to pull a power move, you guys; I've got my 60 qt. cooler posted in the kitchen as we speak (wife's not loving it at all). This should work for the first batch; then I'll get a better sized cooler (this one is a 60 qt. ice cube roller) and find a closet that will fit it. PS the bottom of this cooler fits the LBK, but one of the two iced water bottles is touching the side of the LBK.....that OK?
  3. Here's another question (I really on have 2 options due to space, no basement, and limited cupboard space etc): During the fermentation weeks, keep the LBK in: A. Cupboard above fridge (we keep the condo 70-74 with AC all summer) OR B. Picnic cooler with ice bottles (in a garage that gets pretty hot....weather in the 90s all summer). PS Day 2....I have a nice layer of foam going (quick peak).
  4. Scouter....where would I get a thermometer like that? Thanks!
  5. One more thing. I was considering picking up the Belgian Spiced Ale 2013 (http://www.mrbeer.com/belgian-spiced-ale-2013-winter-seasonal) which is on sale for $12.48. It mentioned standard fermentation time, but 1-3 months for lagering. Question about that.....is the lagering still something I can do with my plastic bottles (in the cupboard)? It's all I have to transfer beer into when it's done in the LBK.
  6. Thanks for all of the great advice, you guys! I just got done with the brewing (Czech Bohemian Pilsner). Everything went fairly smooth and I've put the LBK into the small cupboard above the fridge. We keep our house 69-74 degrees in the summer, so I'm hoping that temp plus the dark location produces some good results. A few more questions 1) Any super cool tricks to pouring the wort from the pot? We used a funnel (sanitized), but in pouring from the big pot (into the funnel), I spilled an ounce or two. 2) So, everyone suggest leaving up there 3 weeks (rather than the 2 weeks in the instructions)? And then leave the bottled be up there for an additional 4 weeks? Thanks again, everyone!
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm going to give it a go on Tues or Wed !
  8. Well, after years of wanting to try brewing all it took was Father's Day and a major knee surgery this week to finally get a Mr. beer kit. I'd greatly appreciate having a few questions answered. 1) I'm really limited on kitchen space (and the garage is really hot). During the 2-3 week fermentation process, where would be the best location (for temp. and darkness) to keep my LBK? Counter okay? Cupboard (if it can fit)? Garage? 2) After the 2-3 weeks of fermentation, do I then bottle (or is there an advantage to letting it go longer)? 3) After bottling, how many days/weeks should I leave the beer bottled (to allow for carbonation, etc)? I'm assuming I should store the bottles not in the fridge? (so, in same location that I end up keeping the LBK). 4) Sugar in each plastic bottle or use the carbonation tablets from Mr. Beer? 5) The tutorial video didn't mention the "booster packet,", just the malt extract and yeast. What's the booster? 6) I'm a huge fan of amber ales (I really prefer malty over hoppy) and also like some browns, wheats, etc. Anyone suggest a favorite in the maltier, wheatier, nuttier beers (as opposed to hoppy)? Thanks in advance!
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