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  1. UK: Muslim Suspended From Gov’t Job After She Tweets That Hitler Was “The Greatest Man In History” https://t.co/Cx5DpXyQM5

  2. @afed3352 @chicksonright Socialism does for toilet paper what Obamacare does for health insurance

  3. RT @leemgourlay: @sepepper political correctness is the demise of any nation.

  4. Clinton Calls FBI Investigation a ‘Security Review’ https://t.co/SbEulq2Ogj Review: she broke fed law using private server & LIED about it

  5. Panama Papers Scandal Hits the Clinton Campaign https://t.co/FHxnvvj4Ek

  6. Sunday April 3, 2016: Central New York all-time snowfall record shattered https://t.co/lPC1yynMjT

  7. RT @StrangeFunnies: https://t.co/zUnGbpcl46

  8. @yueyuea @stringfellow2 And lets also be clear: not due to their religion that Japan takes these measures; rather it's due to their IDEOLOGY

  9. RT @jjauthor: The Obama White House - You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy! #SpecialReport #oreillyfactor https://t.…

  10. I found 170 people do not follow me back (via https://t.co/Xksj5EhJ9f)

  11. @AnnDuval1 Exactly, which means this adm. is an international arms dealer, compliments of US taxpayers who have no say in the matter

  12. RT @alexandraswann: California's $15.00 an hour minimum wage will just continue to hurt businesses and the people they employ. https://t.c…

  13. RT @End_of_Europe: Belgium’s Failed State Is Guarding America’s Nuclear Weapons https://t.co/PYp0I5urdH

  14. RT @usacsmret: U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies https://t.co/xzzvN7sBLC

  15. Despite #Brussels Attack Killing Americans, Obama Repeats Promise To Bring In 100K ‘Refugees’‘Openness To Muslims’ https://t.co/s9GIUkOdTe

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