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  1. Idyllwild, Ca and San Jacinto, Ca but I brew in Idyllwild
  2. I use 3 different ice chests with 3 LBK's in each but in all I use one 17 fl oz. frozen plastic bottle in each one twice per 24 hour period. I live high in the So Cal mountains at 6100 elevation. Each cooler has a temperature strip on the LBK. When the weather is high pressure I use them and when we have low pressure and/or thunderstorms I don't need them during the summer. Highs of 80's if warm and highs of 60's with clouds. So far so good and I keep learning from this forum! Idyllbrew
  3. I agree. 2 thumbs up to replace the CAL although I agree it gets better keeping it in the bottle longer than instructed. But new brewers are excited and want something they don't have to wait much longer than the instructions suggest. IMHO. IDYLLBREW
  4. No, but I am going to get back on topic-LME DME. Good to know both have positive support. I just ordered LME for the next brew.
  5. I agree, well said, RickBeer. But I also agree with Josh Ratliff's comments about the USA having its own problems!
  6. Thank you to all that replied. Your info was very helpful. I can now leave without a concern over my beer! Have a Happy 4th! Bob
  7. Hello, First brew and first post so please bear with me. I have a Classic American light bottled for one week and in a room at 72 degrees in a ice chest. I need to leave my location and will not be able to monitor the temps for six days. I don't want to leave the A/C on during this time and think the room temps will be in the 80's during the day in my absence. Should I put the beer in the refrigerator even though the temp will be much lower the ideal and I still have one week minimum to go on the carbonating? Any other ideas that don't cost lots of money? Bob
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