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  1. Here is my upcoming schedule. I had some ingredients collecting dust, took a few years off from brewing (I was busy and stuff ok!). 2019 Back to Beer Schedule 12/26/18 Autumn ESB 1 - Brew 01/12/19 All American Gold - Brew 01/20/19 Autumn ESB - Cold Crash 01/26/19 Autumn ESB 1 - Bottle Santa Catalina - Brew 02/06/19 All American Gold - Cold Crash 02/09/19 All American Gold - Bottle Party time Pilsner - Brew 02/20/19 Santa Catalina - Cold Crash 02/23/19 Autumn ESB 1 - Taste Santa Catalina - Bottle Autumn ESB 2 - Brew 03/06/19 Party Time Pilz - Cold Crash 03/09/19 All American Gold - Taste Party time Pilsner - Bottle Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Brew 03/20/19 Autumn ESB 2 - Cold Crash 03/23/19 Santa Catalina - Taste Autumn ESB 2 - Bottle Horses Ass Ale - Brew 04/03/19 Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Cold Crash 04/06/19 Party time Pilsner - Taste Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Bottle 04/17/19 Horses Ass Ale - Cold Crash 04/20/19 Autumn ESB 2 - Taste Horses Ass Ale - Bottle 05/04/19 Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Taste 05/18/19 Horses Ass Ale - Taste
  2. @Cato, Thanks for the tip and I'll make sure to put my request for new equipment in to the committee, lol. I decided on 4 weeks because I have 2 LBK's , and have a schedule for alternating weeks to keep my pipeline up 👍. This way I am only doing beer work every two weeks instead of 2 out of 3 weeks.
  3. Thanks Rick, for the information and the reasoning. I've been getting back in the swing of things (brewing) took a few years off. I usually follow a 4 week fermenting schedule 24-25 days at the lower end of yeast temps, then 3-4 days cold crashing. I've been really happy with my past results, but in my time off from brewing, I got married. I have found that my wife has a habit of planning things for me on "beer" days, lol.
  4. Sorry I tried to search the forums using the tool but could not find my answer, but I'm sure its in there...somewhere. If my schedule gets messed up and I have to keep my LBK in the fridge until I can get to bottling, how long is too long to keep it cold crashing? Is it possible to cold crash for too long? Thanks in advance.
  5. I wish now I would of done a cheap, single HME batch; that way I wouldn't care as much if it went south.
  6. Reviving old post: I think I had infection on my last batch didn't even think about it till I was done bottling. I never open the top till after bottling, once I did, I was like that trub looks different. I just thought it looked different because it was my first time using a different yeast that came with Surly Dog IPA...hour later it hits me, "I think I have tainted beer!!!" I always bottle, clean and start my next batch. I started reading this thread today and looked in my LBK, with my next batch LBK IPA with same keg may be tainted too, crap! I didn't even think it would follow the keg till reading this just now. I have only brewed 2-3 beers in this LBK its my new one...
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