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  1. Thank you. I'll keep this in mind going forward. The CAL was a gift, but I like beer that one can feel in their mouth. Any suggestions for a maltier, less hoppy beer with a thick mouth-feel, almost chewy available from Mr. Beer?
  2. It is Classic American Light. So the lack of carbonation is normal?
  3. It has no head and it acts like a soda that has been left open for a day.
  4. At the time of my post about 21 days. Now a little longer. The bottles are stored at room temperature which averages about 73 degrees F. Carb drops - 2 per 500 ml bottle.
  5. My first batch tastes ok, but has no carbonation. Can I put another carbonation drop into each bottle and let it age another couple of weeks or did I do something wrong during the brewing process?
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