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  1. Thanks Bonsai, but I was wondering about MIXING the two HME's and using a Bavarian Lager yeast, with the robust lme and the Saaz hops. Just wondering how it would turn out.
  2. Just cleaning up some inventory, I have the ingredients for the Schwarz Bier, (Grand Bohemian, Robust LME, US Saaz hops) but was thinking of adding an American Lager HME I have laying around. (2 1/2 gallon batch?, or 5 gal batch?....just stuff floating around in my brain). any thoughts??
  3. DuClaws sweet baby jesus was my first taste of this style. I brewed up a batch with the porter HME, 1/3 cup of cocoa powder, 2/3 cup PB2, a cup of brown sugar and dropped in 1 1/2 cups of reeses cereal after 1 week fermenting. (In a sack, or course!) 3 weeks total in the LBK. Turned out pretty good, and my nephew took some with him when he went on a camping trip. Said he got good reviews from his friends. The wife REALLY liked it, but I am thinking of using the st patricks stout as the base next time, and ditching the sugar for a smooth LME....might also use the nibs rather than the powder.....always tweeking, aren't we?!!
  4. Is that capper an eveready? I got one on ebay as well. Not having much luck getting it to cap properly though. is it working well for you? Still a cool conversation piece!
  5. Love the winter dark. Mine came out exactly the same as yours as far as the head goes. Very tasty indeed!
  6. The biggist complaint I have seen during research is the amount of plastic components. But then again, some of these people may be applying too much pressure and putting too much stress on those pieces. I have just gotten my bottle count up to where I can glass bottle for the first time on my next batch, so I have been reading the reviews as well. In the meantime, I purchased a "vintage" bench capper that was built by the Everedy Company in Frederick MD back in the 1930's off of Ebay. Very cool working piece. If it ends up not doing the job (and I doubt it wont) it is still a nice collectors item.
  7. If you bought the Mr.Root Beer kit, what would be the best way to "up" the ABV?
  8. yea, I was going for 3 weeks before bottling, then crack open a bottle after another 6-8 weeks
  9. just got done putting an "apple pear cider" in the LBK. Used the on sale pear refill, with 1 frozen apple juice concentrate and 1/2 gallon of cider be for adding water to the 8.5 mark. Also put 1 cup dark brown sugar and 2 cinnamon sticks in the boil. Only question is..., 2, or 3 weeks before bottling
  10. Being that I work in a bakery, I have acquired 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4, and 5 1/2 gallon food grade buckets with heavy lids with gaskets. Bought some air locks, grommets and faucets and now I have something like 6 fermentors in various sizes for everything from 1 to 4 1/2 gallon batches.
  11. born and raised in Waynesboro Pa! But I live just south of there now (Thurmont MD). About a 5 minute motorcycle ride through the mountains to Camp David. Smack dab between some nice brewpubs in Gettysburg, and Frederick!
  12. Could you replace 1/2 gallon of the water with a pasturized cider (our local orchard sells a great cider) , or add a can of thawed apple juice concentrate,to up the flavor? Also, I was thinking of adding a bit of mulling spice.
  13. You can add Flying Dog, and Brewers Alley (If you live in Maryland) as bottles to avoid also. I'm beginning to think some of these people don't WANT us to reuse their bottles!
  14. Thanks, Josh. Guess I'm going to have to wait till fall (or until this heat breaks) for my next batch. I have everything in the coolist corner of the basement, on the floor, and air temp in that area is a steady 75. My LBK is at a steady 72.
  15. Thanks everyone. I cracked open the one I found this morning (I put it in the fridge when I first noticed it) poured into a glass, no head to speak of, but was carbonated to the point that it like like a soda with so many bubbles in the glass . Of course, it doesn't taste fully developed, more on the cider side. Went back down to the basement and burped the rest. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for everything!
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