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  1. ok perfect thanks. i was thinking there was no point in leaving it in. and i came up with 5.64 abv just like calculator so ill be bottling tonight. thanks again. also bottling oktobefest tonight too. cant wait till they are ready to drink!
  2. i was checking my S.G today to see about bottling my cider that i got from mr. beer. O.G was 1.043 today it was 1.000. seems good to me, but cant find any info on what abv is supposed to be so should i let go longer or bottle it up? its been fermenting since August 15th.
  3. how much longer do i dare leave in lbk? description says on mr.beer it should be 5.5%
  4. i did the calculation and thats what i got, 3.28%. tomorrow will be day 21 fermenting.
  5. how long have you let your bewitched amber to ferment? im on day 18. checked with hydrometer and its only reading mid 3's for abv.
  6. Northeastern pa. potter county. 9 miles from cherry springs!
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